Global Game Jam 2016 Roundup

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Collection of the GGJ16 games make in South Africa. Listed by jam site.



Lord Of The Underworld
Lord Of The Underworld is a 2D Platformer with Permadeath. You play as a wizard who can summon demons using ritual spells using button combinations and must use them to escape Hell. Demons have different strengths and should be used tactically in combination. For Example, the Vehicle Enemy is best killed by stunning using the Succubus and then using the Reaper behind it as the Enemy takes more damage from behind. The game is played using an Xbox controller. Start pauses the game and displays combinations

Tzvi Lipschitz
Tevia Sapire
Timothy McBride
Nick Lambropoulos
Khadija Petlele

Daniel Bautista


A game about a bird. Hold space and release it to flap. Hold mouse buttons to turn

Ben Myres - Code
Matt Macfarlane - Art
Tim Harbour - Music

The game is based on the characters OCD rituals and relates to compulsion of players to perform traditional gameplay (collection, killing, etc.). The game is a survival shooter where the OCD character deals with her ritualistic compulsions in a larger surrealist version of the room.
Project Manager: Raheel Hassim
Programmer: Viashin Govender
Programmer: Johnny Saleh
Programmer: Raheel Hassim
Artist: Laban Le Fleur


Bow And Go
It's a competitive local multiplayer game where two players compete for the best score using one dance pad.
Jakub Koziol


You are a shaman of the land. Use your power of SPACE to bind the land to your will. Will you help the people with what they want? Or will you... not?
Steven, Adrian, Geoff and Aidan


Mutant Denture Sterialization Inc
A game about the ritual of brushing teeth. You are a massive contracting dentistry corporation. You have won the contract to brush the grime off the teeth of newly created mutants. Use the mouse to move and click to brush teeth. (Please don't play in chrome)
Tim Flusk - Programming & Design


Ritual Run
You are a ball. Trapped, afraid, and apparently on some sort of grid. You see in front of you a plate with six slots in it in the shape of a star. In the distance, you see a candle (is it a candle?), that looks like it will fit into the slots. You wonder what it does... As you move towards the candle, suddenly another ball comes speeding past you, rolls over a pressure plate, and the bridge you were about to roll over disappears! You have no idea what's going on, but you have a fairly good idea that if you don't get to the candle first YOU ARE SCREWED!
Lee Drewnicki - Art, Design, planning, inspiration (he got us all to join)
Jacob Greeff - Developer, planning, has written code once or twice
Mauritz Meyburgh - Developer, moral support.


Ruin Bob's day by messing with his daily morning ritual. Interact with the room to see how badly you can wreck his morning.
Geoff Burrows - Programming, Art & Animation
Duncan Bell - Art & Programming


The Dark Forest
You are a wanderer that has been trapped in a dark forest with the task of helping a disembodied Nephalem Flame find and recover the rest of his Nephalem flames in the forest. Beware though, as evil guards the Nephalem flames with possessed Dark Priests. This is an atmospheric horror game running away is your only option. Listen to your heartbeat. Controls: W, A, S, D - Move Shift - Sprint Mouse - Look. The game is meant to be played dark with low contrast. I hope you enjoy.

David Weatherhead - Game
Tim Harbour - Soundtrack
Luka Kotar - Horror Ambient Sounds Pack
Unity - Standard Assets Pack
mgsvevo - Classic SkyBox
Snoman - grass footsteps -
A. McCluskey - Dead Font Walking -


The Morning
This is Jeff... Jeff feels he is going nowhere in his life (like this project); help Jeff break out of the morning ritual by preforming the correct acts in the correct order. There are 8 possible actions and a correct combination of 4 of these will set Jeff free. Clues are given on the floor above (Red = Wrong ritual, Orange = Correct ritual in the wrong order, Green = Correct ritual in the correct order)
By RoosTa and Dazfuzz (1st time Jammers)


Tiki Toss
Appease your deity by tossing Jeff the sheep into a volcano. The quicker the better. Use W & S to aim. Space bar to charge the power button. Release Space bar to chuck Jeff.
Darren Allison - Art
FanieG - programming
The_Sired_Ward - music


A puzzle-based game which explores the theme of Rituals and Reincarnation. Use WASD to move around. I only started on sunday so this is an *extremely* short game. More of a proof of concept really.
Nitrogen - 3D models, Programming, Art, Concept, etc. Sounds from Buddha statue model

Cape Town


Bringing in the Rain

Appease the gods with your offering and bring in the rain. The gods will only grant you maximum precipitation with the right items in the right order. The longer you take to please them, the worse for you and your fellow tribesmen.

Daily Grind
Daily Grind is the story of the every-man. It's a game about brushing your teeth and driving to work. It's a game about alarm clocks and microwave dinners. But most of all, it's a game about your dead-end job.

Dark Path
Spread your influence around the village to gain more followers for your dark rituals to the Elder Gods. By clicking on the pathways from your cultists to the villagers, you can start taking control of the village. Once your influence reaches a villager, they become a loyal follower and you can spread influence through them, to the other villagers. But beware, constables will be investigating any suspicious behaviour. Make sure you use your influence to keep their investigations at bay, otherwise your followers will be trapped and forced to work against you. This is puzzle game in which you need to try and convert all of the villagers on a level, by carefully planning which villagers to turn into followers when, so as to prevent the constables from investigating too quickly, and trapping your followers.
Design: Kristen Russell, Warren Russell
Programming: Warren Russell
Artwork: Kristen Russell
Background Music:
Click Sound:
Laughter Sound:


Don't Explode!
Transporting alien cargo for bizarre colony rituals is a hazardous job. Between The aliens and the faulty hibernation systems the storage room crew have their hands full. Play as the aliens, sabotaging the ship. Or one of the three humans using their limited resources to change the course of fate.
Ian Jacobs
Rolf Weimar
Ross Borchers


Back when the slightest insult to someone's honour could destroy their livelihood, the gentleman's duel was created as a way for someone to rectify the offense and demand satisfaction.

Dorianne Dutrieux

Danny Day
Ryan Mazzolini
Julius Stopforth

Ryan Mazzolini

Evil Psychology Consultant:
Danny Day


Gem Swipe
Networking game where you compete with your opponent collecting gems to increase the power of your golem! get enough gems and the summoning ritual will be complete!
Little Summoner
Summon weird creatures in your very own basement! Click to select a reagent, click to place it on the floor and press 'space' to start the ritual. Some summoned creatures give you more reagents to work with. Hint: Not all recipes require lots of reagents.

OCD Hero
RPG where you are the village's most amazing and successful hero. You also happen to have a severe case of OCD. You're sent on a quest to save the village, but you'll encounter a lot of things that are an extra challenge for you with your OCD condition.
Ben Geldenhuys - Art
Jem Smith - Lead Programmer
Jacques Botha - Programmer, Art, Sound
Megan Hughes - Game Designer, Project Manager, learnt-to-colour-in-using-wacom-at-ggj16
Music by Kevin Gibson


Solemn Dong
Many of us have experienced the difficult nights out ritual where we are pissed, and need to piss. Solemn Dong allows us to re-experience these precious, but often forgotten, moments by allowing you to relieve yourself in a variety of environments, and onto a variety of objects.
Sunrise Wang
Herman Martinus
Chad Lawrence
Liam Boyes-varley


After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Tea originated in southwest China, but its rituals are now prevalent all over the world, from the elegant ceremonies in Japan to delicate pass times in Britain. In Tea, you can establish your own ritual, but make sure you remember how it's done!
Programming - Francois Van Niekerk
Art - Daoyi Liu


Puzzle game that involves rotating parts of the totem to line them up, and save your civilization from the wrath of the gods.
Director and Lead Programmer/Designer: Etienne De Villiers
Art Director/Animator: Egbert Westra
Environment Artist: Thomas Du Plessis
Character Animator: Pieter Louw
Texture Artist: Stacey-Eva Fabrè
Puzzle Design: Chris Keyter, Stacey-Eva Fabrè
Programming and Design: Jayan Smart, Chris Keyter
Audio: Chris Keyter


Try Again Tomorrow
In Try Again Tomorrow you are a child seeking to break your father's ritualistic struggle with addiction through hiding the key. Unfortunately this is not a simple task, nor one that can be accomplished in a single day. Dad can always tell that your hiding place has been disturbed, so you try disturbing other items around the room to throw him off track. Although he initially follows logical paths to save time, Dad will remember the tricks you have used before. But perhaps, if you can disrupt things enough, you can delay him enough to give up searching...


The game is about a warrior from a village going out to retrieve tribal elements to save a village from drought
Kim . project coordinator

Simphiwe soga
Tshego masilo
Hilton mookamedi
Sello mpjane


The game is about teaching each other about different cultures we have in South Africa, the ceremonies they have and even teaching other the different languages.

Super Intense Tower Defense
Super Intense Tower Defense is a tower defense-type game. The player is able to place; mines to gather resources, up-gradable turrents, pipelines, secondary bases on colour using the three materials in the game; White energy, black energy and rock. The world is grey but the main base and secondary bases produce colour in an increasing area around them relative to the amount of white and black energy. To craft place base parts the player needs to combine the three materials in the game with souls from dead enemies in one of the three Ritual pots around the main base. Supply lines can be built outward from the main base and secondary bases will then be attached if the supply line ending is on a viable spot(glowing rock). The player must defend against onslaught from different enemies and the player must balance his resources between the secondary bases as it strengthens(repairs faster, builds faster so forth) as more is pumped to it. The player's gun and turrents can also be upgraded in an interactive upgrade system allowing for customization.
Simon Harvey - Developer/models
Francois Van Wyk - Developer/model
Charl Van Staden - Developer
Tim Harbour - Music
Pieter Mal - Audio Fx


V-BINGO is a 2-D Adventure Plat-former, that encourages thinking for yourself. You play as an African school boy, desperate to get to school. However, there are numerous villages on the way, where you will have to complete their rituals to progress further in your journey. Hints: It is not strictly required that you follow the chief's instructions to complete a level, try whatever comes to mind. Controls: Left - A Right - D Pick Up Item - E Drop Item - G Throw Item - Left Click Aim - Mouse Cursor Position Jump - Space
Hosea Lumadi
Pfumelani Manganye
Vincent Kruger
Bongiwe Mabunda
Clarissa Esterhuizen


Witch Busters
-Witch busters is a two player board game -Player 1 = Sangoma -Player 2 = Witch A dice toss is made between player 1 and player 2 to determine who may start the game The player with the highest number gets tho choose weather to be Player 1 or Player 2 Each time the player hits a 6 when the dice is rolled he/she gets a chance to select a blue or purple card indicated to them: The Blue Cards= Represents the the nutrients for the sangoma The Purple Cards= Represents the ammunition that the Witch will be using The Lightning Strike= Defeats the animals and the sangoma loses a live when it strikes. Each player gets 5 lives to play with.


You are Jeff, a former PMC trainee instructor. After moving to SleepyTown, you discover things go more than just bump in the night; they outright disappear! Discover the dark secrets behind the mysterious groups that lurk in the shadows, constantly nabbing your stuff.
Written, coded, art, music by JC Bailey.
First time gamejamming, and solo project.
Entire engine assets built by myself from the start of the jam, with some sundry functions from the Pygame resources.


City of Blood
Welcome to City of Blood (working titles included “Aztec Sacrifice Manager” and “Aztec Tycoon”)! . The premise of the game is that you are the ruler of a small Aztec island city and you need to keep 5 of the gods happy with ritual sacrifice. You have 4 main resources: population, prisoners, food and happiness. You also have favour with each god. You start off the game choosing your main god who will give you a small starting bonus, you then need to avoid the wrath of the gods and survive for as long as possible. . Honestly, the game has a ton of bugs (game over screen never showing is one of them), and dodgy programming practices, but we had a lot of fun doing it for GGJ 2016! :)

Art and UI:
Francois Swart
Pappy Onwuagbu
Luan Joubert

Daniel Esterhuizen
Kevin Baynham
Con Momberg

Models and Animation:
Devon Kirchner
Dylan Atkins

Morale Support:
Roxanne Joubert
Caroline Swart

Uploader notes
I'm really tired from running GGJ JHB so I might have missed something, please just drop a post here and I'll fix it :)

Some entries are missing images / credits. These have been copied from what was put on the GGJ website. I might, at a later date, just go through these games grab images and get the names from the GGJ user profiles.

If a game didn't have an image/file upload I haven't included it. I think I may have put some title that had an image, but not a file ~_~

Super congrats to everyone that participated! Hope you all had fun at the jam, learnt stuff and made cool games :D


  • Wow, what an incredible output! Well done every-jammer!
    Thanked by 1Squidcor
  • I sneakily uploaded mine at 5:00am so you're forgiven for missing it! When you're alive again @Karuji
  • OCD Hero now has credits and OS and PC builds :D
  • Updated :)

    Glad to hear that you had fun making this game @Nitrogen :D
    Thanked by 2dammit Nitrogen
  • Gonna comment on games as I get a chance to play them:

    1. Compulsion - Not sure if I died or if I was doing well in this one :P I like the idea of being chased by the things you need to obsessively do, and the possibility of being overwhelmed by those things. I started reading the end text in the game, but it disappeared too quickly and the game just closed. Awesome job on the modelling. Loved the little bow in my hair :)

    2. V-Bingo - Really liked this one. I liked that I had to use an item from level one to get through level two (well, that's what I think happened, though I couldn't get level 3 to start). Had fun :)

    3. Dharma - Pretty cool for a made-on-sunday-game.

    4. Dark Forest - Creepy atmosphere achieved. Did not want to play this one for long ( :( I don't like scary games). Question: Are you just meant to avoid the scary things and sneak around to get the flames? Are there any other controls aside from WASD?
    Thanked by 1Nitrogen
  • So glad to have been able to involved in so many project again! Well done to all the jammers...for some reason my shitty work laptop can't run most of the games ;/ so I'll have to check them out in the evenings or the weekend...
  • Congrats to all the jammers who made their awesome games! I was the artist for Compulsion due to lack of proper team work we had to cut down a lot of the game's assets as it stands the game is quite stripped down and does not really fully portray what we had in mind for the game, we are planning to finish the game and optimise it as there is potential in the title. I hope it can be a title that can awe gamers out there hahahaha.
  • dammit said:

    4. Dark Forest - Creepy atmosphere achieved. Did not want to play this one for long ( :( I don't like scary games). Question: Are you just meant to avoid the scary things and sneak around to get the flames? Are there any other controls aside from WASD?
    You need to use Shift to run, and lead the scary things away :)
    Glad I achieved creepy atmosphere!! :D Thank you for giving it a play through.
    Thanked by 1dammit
  • @dammit Glad you enjoyed our game. It was our whole team's first jam. I was the only one who had ever used Unity or done game coding before the jam. So it was a nice learning experience for all of us.

    And yes we intended that you need to keep the rock from level 1 to pass to level 2. We also could not finish level 3 or any of the other planned levels in time so you completed the game, well done haha.

    (Extra Tip: If you want to get a better time, you do not need to collect the apples. The river can be jumped and the tree awkwardly climbed)
    Thanked by 1dammit
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