Cape Town opertunity to show off your goods

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I have been contacted by they are hosting a games conference in Cape Town called PGX. It will be there first event.

Anyway to get to the point, Dayne is keen to build a relationship with games developers here in South Africa and offered us the opportunity to show Toxic Bunny HD free,
I am not sure we will be able to make it since there is short time, but I pointed out to him that there are teams in Cape Town that might enjoy the opportunity and I directed him to makegamessa ofc.

So if you keen to get some public feedback notoriety a day chilling showing off your goods at no cost aside from showing up and planning it with pixelated get in touch with Dayne.

It might even be a good opportunity to go representing makegamessa as apposed to a single team. Anyway I just wanted to point this opertunity out to everyone, I can not vouch for the vaildity
of the the PGX event. said:

Hi Travis,

I trust that my email finds you well…

As per our telephonic conversation a few moments ago:

We have almost every space sold for the expo, and feel that we are able to accommodate Game Development Companies at PGX Cape Town 2012 to show their latest games and showcase their new developments and other things that they are working on. We feel that is would be fantastic for the public to experience the talents of home grown Game Developers, as well as get exposure for yourselves through our media partners.

I would also like to build a good relationship with Celestial Games as well as other Developers, as we know for a fact that you guys would add so much value to our gaming expos around the country.

Kindly let me know.
Kind regards,

Dayne Völler | Project Manager
t: +27 21 904 4712 | m: +27 71 761 2957 | f: 086 242 0959| e: |
So get in touch if you want to take him up on the offer.


  • Thanks for this !
  • Give some feedback if you attend. I would love to know what its like.
  • @tbulford, I don't suppose they mentioned to you who else was attending? I've been trying to look around and there is no useful information about the event. Also they managed to book it on the same day as Organised Chaos, which is poor planning given (what I assume is) the target audience.
  • @LexAquillia

    No afraid they didn't give any information about other participants.

    As I understand there are a few stands unfilled. Not sure how many they had planned right out or how many they will have. I cautiously hopeful that it will be a success.

    From what I understand they want to do this all over South Africa durbs, jhb think they might have said pe too and ofc ct.

    You going to have to make your own judgement call on this. I really cant vouch for the quality of the event esp since its the first of its kind.
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    I think we should do some sort of indie games collab, even if it means sharing the price of a couple of posters/signs to lure people in. We could call it the "indie grotto" or something like that :)

    Anyone else keen to try this out?

    EDIT: I have indeed managed to secure a slot.
  • Great to hear jackshiels,

    Let us know how it goes please. Photo :)
  • I'd be keen on showing off DD, but I've got 2 concerns:

    1. Security: I don't want to bring through a bigass TV and the hardware to run the game if I'm not sure it's going to be looked after/locked up when we're not there.

    2. Other exhibitors: I don't want to force people to pay R60 when the only major attracting that isn't shamelessly trying to dupe them out of their cash is our indie grotto or whatever. That would be kinda crap... I'd actually prefer to sit in the foyer before people had paid if that was the case.
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    @ dislekcia

    Allow me to answer...

    1. It's in the CTICC, so I think there will be some form of security... I'll be bringing through an iPad and a laptop but will remain in their vicinity during the expo :)

    2. Well, I don't actually know who else is going to be there... maybe it is worth the R60 idk :L

    Long story short - we are a two man dev, so we don't really have a massive amount of content to show (same as most indie developers). If we collab, we stand a chance at making a better impression - almost like a bag of pick 'n mix :>

    EDIT: if there are any other concerns I'll try relay them to Dayne. I have suggested the idea of an "indie grotto" to him, so I'll report back on the physical setup and requirements.
  • @jackshiels find out who else is going, I cannot stress enough how important that is. Better yet, if you've got a line through to the organizers, see if they won't want to come to the CT meetup this Wed and pitch to the other indie developers :)
  • @jackshiels: I've exhibited at a lot of different expos, from rAge and AMAZE locally all the way through to GDC and E3. One of the biggest things that's taught me is that you can't assume squat. Ever ;) Just because a particular venue is involved doesn't mean they've got smart access control after exhibition hours, sharp eyed people on the doors watching for walkabout machines or even security on the show floor itself. Those things all cost money.

    While I'd love to have a really amazing indie presence at a local expo like this, I want to make sure that the expo itself is going to be good without us being there first... I hope that makes sense.

    I'd also love the organisers to come chat tomorrow at the meetup - Heck, even if they don't make it, we should probably discuss the expo and what we're going to try and make happen around it.
  • I have to agree with @dislekcia's concerns. Whilst I really hope that the show is a success and turns out to be a great opportunity I have to voice caution especially when there is valuable equipment concerned.
  • It's not like I'm saying that we should boycott PGX or anything like that, I'm just trying to get more information on which to base decisions and planning. AMAZE was similarly information light, but it was light on info for over a year before it happened, giving us ample time to meet Thorsten, talk to other people who had exhibited at festivals he'd put together, etc. These dudes are new, with rather poor research and collaboration on show so far (why is it at the same time as OC, for instance?) and the timescale here is pretty damn short. We don't even have a special expo-ready build at the moment that pulls players in and gives them a glimpse of the greater content in the game, that'll take extra dev time to organise, I certainly don't want to do that if I'm only going to get 20 people playing the game and no press exposure...

    I guess that could make me a jaded bastard, but that's the economics of doing this.
  • We're in a similarly awkward place right now. We're almost exactly at the furthest possible distance we could be from being comfortable with showing off any of our work.
  • No I totally agree. I will ask him to come tomorrow and the other details (who else is coming etc.). :)
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky We should just go, bring along some big screens and jam. Ask people to give us food.
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  • I was hoping to check out the expo tomorrow, but according to Computicket the exhibition has been cancelled. There doesn't seem to be any official announcements on the website or the Facebook page though. Can anyone confirm?
  • Yes, the exhibition has been cancelled. I'm not sure how I heard before this weekend, but I've confirmed it - nothing happening at the CTICC.

    I guess the misgivings we were having were reasonably justified then... That kinda sucks, tbh.
  • Yeah a real shame, but I hope they (or someone) tries again next year with better timing, planning and corroboration with SA's Indie devs.

    Speaking of which, how feasible do you think it might be for MakeGamesSA to organize such an expo for the first or second quarter of 2014? Perhaps all the devs who want to participate could help chip in to cover costs and then share in the revenue of ticket sales...
  • There's GamerX, which has been scheduled for sometime next year in the CTICC for a while now. I'm not sure what it's current state is at, but I keep hearing rumblings about it, so I assume it's not dead.

    Well, we're already working on AMAZE next year, plus we'd like to have a proper presence at rAge... I don't know if it's going to be possible for busy devs to run an entire festival, I know I wouldn't put myself down for that level of stress ;)
  • Yeah, that.

    Sean emailed me a while back about it from a dev perspective - I should probably chase him down now that MGSA exists officially...
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