PlayStation Mobile opens the floodgates for all game developers

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PlayStation Mobile launched on Vita and PlayStation-certified Android devices last month, with a select number of indie devs given the opportunity to lead the opening ceremony.

Today Sony has opened the floodgates, announcing an update to the SDK and a new online developer portal that provides access to the tools for any person or studio wanting to get involved and build/release games for the platform.

For those who missed the launch last month, PS Mobile allows indie developers to sell their games via the PlayStation Store with relative ease. Once a studio or individual has registered and paid $99 per year for a publisher license, they can then release as many games as they want, as long as they keep to the relatively lax service guidelines.
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  • Would be interesting to see whether this will boost Android development's profitability/business model.

    Does anyone here own a Vita or a PSM device?
  • I have a Vita, but PS Mobile content is unfortunately not available on the PS Store in South Africa.
  • Also its required that you have a publishers agreement/license before you can even test on the Vita hardware. And we do not qualify here in South Africa to apply for one.
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