Why hello dere...

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Howzit guys :)

I'm Jack Shiels from Knife Media. We are a small indie dev in the Southern Suburbs of CT that has been making iOS and Mac games for a few years now. It's cool to see some sort of association being made between South African game developers!

We've got a top down survival shooter coming out soon - give it a look: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/132193-RED.-Top-Down-Survival-Shooting-on-iOS

Anyhoo, it's good to be here!



  • Welcome jack. Good to have you aboard :)

    I'm especially pleased that you are from CT (as this is my area)
  • Welcome Jack! Your game's super quirky, I love how you turned a restriction (easy geometry and lower art capacity) into an advantage by running with it. Awesome :)

    Please add yourself to our wiki if you have a chance! makegamessa.com/wiki (you have to register a seperate account there) cheers :)
  • Thanks! Survival games are especially considerate of this, seeing as there could be anything up to 20 enemies on screen at once. You gotta make do with what you got!

    I added myself to that list :)
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    Only 20? Personally I think survival shooters start to get fun when there are over 100 enemies on screen at once, but then again, that's my opinion of most games... :P
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    Welcome Jack! Super awesome to hear from another Cape Townish Dev!

    Personally I feel that triangles are rather rubbish shapes and so I'm glad to see a game where I can slay them en mass :P

    Nice work on getting featured on Gamezone TV!

    By the way, if you don't already know, there are monthly local meetups where Cape Town developers share ideas and chat and demo stuff that they're working on. They're on the last Wednesday of every month. (And there is a thread about the next meetup if you are interested).

    [Edit] That was a really inspiring interview on Gamezone. I'm so glad you're getting to do what you love.
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  • Seriously though, you guys should come to the community meetup thing next week Wednesday. Here's a link to the thread about it: http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/359/event-cape-town-community-meet-up-28-11-2012
  • Sounds cool - I think we can make it. Is it like a kind of presentation or something?
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    Usually a couple people do talks about some aspect of game development (last month there was a lot of talk about prototyping and listening feedback from players).

    And also usually a couple teams show off some work they are doing.

    It's quite informal, there's questions and discussions, sometimes Mixit sponsors pizza.

    You're welcome to just come and say hi and hang out. It'd also be cool if you wanted to show off one of your projects (like RED) and share some ideas about it, or tell the story of how you got into game development.

    It's not high pressure at all. You don't need to dress fancy. You don't need to wow us (unless you want to), frankly we'll all be impressed just by you being there and that you're making games.

    I like to think of the meetups as half learning, half hanging out with friends, and half meeting other developers and networking. This adds up to 150 percent, which is a lot of value for an evening. I figure there's few better ways to spend that one Wednesday evening once a month :)
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  • Welcome to the community!
  • Awesome, you signed up :D See you wednesday?
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