MCSD exams: help and info

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Hi guys
Does anyone here know where one could take the microsoft certified systems developer exams? Must you do the course or can you just take the exams? If the latter, what knowledge and skillset would you a) need b)be tested on? And where would/could you write and what would the financials look like?
Any help would be greatly appriciated


  • You can book to take most (if not all) of your Microsoft certification exams at a Prometric testing centre. You don't have to enrol in a course to do so. That's how I got my MCTS :)

    Just make sure you study your A off cos those guys at MS aren't joking around with their exams. I don't exactly know what skillset/knowledge you'll need for the MCSD but check out the certification specs on their website and try get hold of the recommended study material.
  • Thanks @GlitchM. I'll check the site.
  • checked it. very hery helpful.
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