Composer/Musician/Sound Designer

Hey guys and gals.

Pleased to meet you all! Great community you have here.

My two great loves in life are games and music and I also enjoy sound design :)

Feel free to kick back with a beverage and listen to some of my work here:


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  • Excellent work there @Vincent. I particularly liked the track called Hidden Agenda (Corp Mix) and the overall cyberpunk feel, very gloomy and just brrrrr. Good choice on the image for the YouTube video as well ;-P

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    Thank you very much, @konman. I love me some cyberpunk :)

    Here's the original seedy venue one I did:

    Good background music when you're playing Netrunner ;)

    Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to the voices I edited in this track. They are from public news archives. It is a non-commercial project.
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  • Hey guys.

    I made a little tribute to one of my favourite games in the style of one of my other favourite games :)

    Hope you like it :)
  • Nice one, you definitely captured the 'Tristram' vibe :)
  • That guitar and reverb (I think)...Oooh-la-la. Inspired by 2 of my fav games series as well... Diablo and Dark Souls. Great work, loving it :)
  • @Gibbo, thanks man. I've been listening to your work on SoundCloud. Really like Mein Leben and Critical Space, dude :)

    @konman, ping-pong delay, :P, but it does create a reverb of its own. I appreciate the kind words, Sir.
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