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I'm working on a game which is currently called Spell-Caster, but not for long, the reasons for which you'll understand soon. Spell-Caster is a light RPG puzzle game with a word based combat system.
Here's a link to the current project thread:

I was looking for an available url for a game page by just typing various permutations of related words in the url bar and ended up at Turns out that's a game page for a game called Spellcaster Adventure which by even worse luck is so similar to mine it hurts. There are of course differences, but the games are painfully similar in many ways.

I've never heard of or seen this game until now and it seems like we've been working on very similar games in parallel by sheer coincidence. Their's will be out first (it seems) and my concern is that it's just going to look like I copied the other game, since even I find my story hard to believe, or that the audience will have had their fill when mine does come out.

Obviously I'm going to have to change my game's name, but I'm wondering if it's even worth continuing on with development.

What are your thoughts? Are they different enough or do I need to make them more different in some way? Anyone else dealt with something like this?


  • @Gavin_Hayler Woah, It's the first time I see your project and it looks very cool! :)

    You've obviously already put in loads of work and based on all that positive feedback in your project thread from people who are very experienced in this field, it is fairly obvious to me you are on to a good thing. So it would be terrible to stop this here, simply because of coincidence.

    Maybe look at changing the title and stop looking at what that other company is developing on-wards to avoid being "influenced" by their new feature sets and just do your own thing, which looks pretty awesome...

    There's plenty of room for similar products out there. I certainly buy specific genres that seem to have the same feature set because that is simply the style of game I like and I usually end up liking each one differently for their own unique set of features.

    I say, carry on with development and get it done. ;)
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  • I'm not too familiar with spelling games...

    But don't both games share a common origin with BookWorm Adventures (by PopCap) ?

    Their game seems very much like an updated BookWorm Adventures. Your game adds a bit of dungeon exploration (in the last version I played).

    I doubt anyone would think you copied them, assuming they are aware of BookWorm Adventures. I don't think that's really a concern.

    If there is a fair amount of time between the releases then you'd be unlikely to really be competing (given the turnover of casual games on the App Store). But of course I don't know the release schedules.

    I'm not certain either that the extra competition would be a problem in the marketplace anyway. The games are very similar, but there are already loads of spelling games. One quite similar game isn't going to make a big impact.

    It might be a problem with reviews, given that there would be two similar games in a shortish space of time. This is really only a problem if their game is the superior of the two games.

    Also, if their game is superior, then that is definitely going to hurt word of mouth recommendations.

    I guess my answer is that if you think you can make your game a more appealing and more compelling game then you don't have to worry. But it'd be a bit dangerous to enter the marketplace with such a similar game if your game isn't going to be favourably compared.

    I don't know the market for spelling games, and I don't really know your vision for your game. You'd know best whether your game is going to be favorably compared to Spell Caster.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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  • Lets be honest here @Gavin_Hayler
    Your game looks MUCH better than the other game so I would recommend you continue as if you never even knew about the other game but maybe just change the name to avoid conflicts. There are many games I see everyday that are similar but they all play quite differently and some are much better than others.

    Keep up the good work and your game looks really sweet!
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  • It does seem like there are enough differences between the games to warrant not just giving up entirely. I like their element of picking up parts of a story that eventually combine into a book while I like the idea of the dungeon exploring in your game. I think - as others have already said - focus on what is going to make your game stand out from all of the other spelling games anyway, and perhaps just time your release to be a good while after theirs.

    Best of luck.
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  • I played Spellcaster at Amaze and although spelling games aren't really my thing, I really liked it and I feel the project has too much potential to just give up. No idea is truly unique anymore, change the name, study and learn from your competition and just make your game be the better one. The two games certainly seem different enough that I doubt whether people could seriously accuse you of cloning.
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  • Thanks everyone for the words on encouragement. I guess I'll solider on and try make it the best it can be. :)
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