[GameJam] Ludum Dare 33 @ Microsoft Bryanston - August 21-23

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Hey Everyone,

Microsoft will be hosting a venue for the upcoming Ludum Dare 33, running from August 21-23.
The event will open on Friday in the evening and run until Sunday afternoon. I will update this thread with more detail as things get finalised.

When: 5PM Friday evening to 5PM Sunday afternoon, August 2015
Where: Microsoft Campus Bryanston, 3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg
How: Send me a message if you're attending. Entry is restricted between 22h00 and 06h00. For 24hr access send me your Name, Surname, Email Address, Telephone Number and Suburb for submission to security.

What is Ludum Dare?: Head on over to the site to read up more, but basically there are two competitions: Solo and Jam; 48 and 72 hours respectively. Both encourage you to make a game to a secret theme revealed at the start. Once your game is completed within the time limit, you upload and it will be judged by online voters in the two weeks after the event. Many use the jam to explore a new framework, or to learn a new language, within the premise of building a game. Many who do this do not finish their game. This is fine, as they will learn a lot. The goal is to enjoy the Jam atmosphere provided at the event.
This is one type of game development environment. It is invaluable for first timers.

Equipment: Only tables, chairs, power and internet are supplied. Everything you intend to work with must be supplied by you or your team. Ludum Dare is typically a digital GameJam, but there is nothing stopping you from creating a board game, card game, or a game in some other medium. I don't know how this affects the judging online, but for the local event this is welcome.
Software: A lot of the tools used to make games at these events is free to use, or open source. You can get all of it at the Jam if you are a first timer, and if not, you already know what you want to use ;)
Food: This must be supplied by you. Either bring cash for the local food joints, or pack your own foods, enough for the duration. Hot beverages will be available at the premises, but you can bring you favourite beverage to keep you hydrated and fueled up. This is a marathon event.
Sleep: While there is plenty of space, the venue was not designed to accommodate sleepers. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow if you intend to rest. An inflatable mattress of sorts would probably not go amiss either.
Duration: The event is continuous throughout the weekend, but complete attendance is optional. You may come and go as you please during the weekend*, as long as you enjoy the event. Often Jammers will leave to sleep elsewhere and resume Jamming the next day. It is not even mandatory to take part in the Jam as long as you don't negatively disrupt the Jammers; so come and visit.

Local Stores: There is a shopping centre across the road which has a a Mexican place, pizza place, a Nandos, a KFC, and a Pick'n'Pay.
This jam venue is open to anyone, so come through even if you can't spend the whole weekend jamming.

* See How section for access times.

Updated 2015-08-12 with security information.
Updated 2015-08-20 with venue information.
Updated 2015-08-20 with time and beverage information.


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