[RetroEpic Sound Challenge] Laughing Cat - Deadline 20 August - Cash Monies Prize [Closed]

Hi There Sound-Inclined Creatives!

RetroEpic would like to propose a challenge for you.

We've been working closely with @mexicanopiumdog to create sounds for our upcoming mobile release, Ginjah. He's done absolutely fantastic work in that regard, but we've gotten stuck on one very, very important aspect of the sound for the game: Ginjah's laugh. This is where you come in!

We need a sound to fit this teaser for the game:

The sound clip might also be used as the end game sound, depending.

Ginjah is an adult male cat. He's a troll, but not the worst in the world. He's having a little fun messing up your memory matching game. You can read more about the game here: http://www.retroepic.com/our-games/ginjah/

In terms of references for sounds, two laughs we quite liked:
(first 4 seconds)
(Cheshire cat has the eccentricity/madness/sneakiness)

We will pay cash monies to a person who can make/fake/generate a laugh sound that we like enough to use in the game (amount still to be decided exactly)!

Who can enter?
This is primarily created for members of the MGSA community and South African musicians/ sound designers/ game developers. Feel free to join even if you are not.

Please post your entry as a reply to this thread - this ensures that the whole competition is open :)
Final decision as to the winner is up to the RetroEpic team - we do reserve the right to choose no one, but we're really hoping that won't happen!
If you'd like more info, you can reply to this thread, DM me or email us at info[at]retroepic.com

PS: Am I allowed to title this Challenge #8?


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