Getting started with learning a new language to do game dev.

I usually get worried when trying to move away from GM or QB64.
Trying to learn to use unity the biggest problem I have is downloading large files and installers.
I don't have uncapped internet.

My knowledge of making 3D models is really bad and i'm not good at making 3D models at all.
And I know no one into game dev in Pretoria.


  • A 2GB package with Afrihost costs R14 once-off, which arguably costs less than the petrol it'd take to drive just about anywhere. :P But if you could make it to the next Joburg community meetup, I'm sure someone could help you out if you post in the thread in advance. (Otherwise, I believe there are some Tuks game-dev students, and while I don't know whether they're using Unity, I imagine they'd quite easily be able to get a copy. I don't remember their forum names here though.)
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