Announcing: The South African chapter of the More Blood In Games special interest group.


A number of us have realised a worrying trend in video (and other) games lately, and in order to preserve what we consider to be an important part of our cultural videogame heritage we've decided to start a South African chapter of the More Blood In Video Games special interest group.


Although of course our interest primarily lies with preserving and expanding upon the amount of blood in video games, our organisation seeks to combat hemophobia in other games such as sports and board games.


We believe that the current trend of decreasing interest of violence in video games, as clearly demonstrated by trends on google, has also been influencing the public's perception of the causal link between video game and real world violence. If the current trend continues we believe that our children might never get to experience the gross desensitisation to over-the-top gore that our generation has had the privilege to develop.


We have no doubt that the current generation of indie games, although still largely based on killing things, is at the forefront of unnecessarily decreasing the amount of visible blood and gore. Observe for instance the difference between "Transistor", released in 2014, a game where bladed weapons are clearly being used to hurt and kill enemies(yet no blood is ever visible!) and the 1996 landmark title "Timeslaughter".



Promotional artwork for Transistor clearly displays the protagonist wielding a large bladed weapon, yet at no time is the sword used in a stabbing, cutting, slashing, disemboweling, dismembering or decapitative manner. We believe that this is blatant misadvertising, with the purpose of luring unsuspecting gamers, thirsty for violence, into this bloodless trap of a game. It is a well known fact that destroying organic entities, causing them to erupt in a shower of blood and gore, is far more satisfying than watching mechanical units pop into nothingness in a puff smoke, yet Transistor rejects this game design truism in order to further the current global hemophobic agenda. Had Steam Refunds been available at the time of the games release, no doubt the legacy of Transistor would be wholly different to what it is today.

Timeslaughter, although now antiquated in its attitudes towards women, people of colour and the handicapped, is clearly light years ahead in its use of gratuitous blood and gore. We believe that this attitude can still be maintained and even expanded upon in the modern video game landscape, as has been demonstrated by the brave few who still hold dear the very ideals upon which video games were founded.


Our organisation welcomes any and all with a zealous predilection towards simulated violence and excessive blood. You may apply in the comments below.


  • How does your organisation feel about the use of "blood" in games as a broader concept, but not necessarily a large visual factor ala Bloodborne?
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  • The graph above did not have any blood on it. Must have been made by a sports game player. The horror!!!
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  • Riocide said:
    How does your organisation feel about the use of "blood" in games as a broader concept, but not necessarily a large visual factor ala Bloodborne?
    Not only do enemies who obviously should not bleed gush blood everywhere, but as you play your character becomes more and more bloodied. It can be argued that Bloodborne itself is a metaphor of the gamer's need and search for blood. Your character uses blood to grow stronger, just as games that have more blood are stronger games. Bloodborne also shows that no matter how nonsensical your game's narrative may be, people will be entranced by it if you add enough blood. Unfortunately I am not a literary scholar, and more study of the signifiers in Bloodborne as they relate to blood in video games is needed.


    Suffice to say that Bloodborne is a paragon of the excessive use of blood in video games. But the more worrying trend here for me, as an indie developer, is that it is an AAA game that is the flagship for our movement.
  • raithza said:
    ...excessive use of blood in video games.

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  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night just became the most funded videogame project on Kickstarter ever.


    This certainly speaks to the thirst gamers have for "blood" in the titles of their games.

    But also for the thirst that gamers have for developers with a thirst for blood. It's implied that Koji Igarashi drinks actual blood in the video. No wonder 50,000 + gamers were willing to back him.

    In my mind this raises the question: As aficionados of blood in games, should the More Blood In Video Games Special Interest Group support all vampires in games, or support only vampires in games when the developer has proven their commitment to the graphic depiction of blood in their vampire games.

    I mean, what if Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night includes very little bloodstaining, and is mostly nocturnal rituals? Would that be a slap in the face to the backers of the project? How should the More Blood In Video Games Special Interest Group react? (or should the group be proactive in its efforts).

    I personally feel that the group should take preemptive measures to protect the rights of bloodthirsty gamers.
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  • Blood is like hydraulic fluid for you organic non-synthetics, right?
    I heard it keeps your bones in place or something.
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  • Those interested may join the international organisation's facebook page at:
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  • I'm glad to be a part of this group.

    Being, as it does, in command of such a distinguished history, having made possible the distinctive screams of "Happy Fisting" during the 2011 Global Game Jam. (Or more accurately, the Swedish Chapter of the More Blood in Games Special Interest Group are credited for the screams and inspiration).
  • I use to have vasovagal response to seening blood that caused me to pass out. It was extremely dangerous as I could potencially faint and bleed to death from a paper cut. But then my doctor recomended I try to desensitise myself to blood and gore by playing violent video games.
    Now when I cut myself accidently, I don't faint, and feel badass instead!

    Sign me up.
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    Transhuman Design are outdoing themselves here:

    Playable here:

    Transhuman Design are known for Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold, and lately have been prototyping a bunch of games in a similar vein.
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    Bunny Bash was greenlit on steam some time ago, however this was using a prototype. The gerbils at DarkArts Studios are working hard to get the game ready and we should have some footage & maybe even a playable demo in the coming months as our team finishes off all the game assets and code to get it ready for public consumption.

    In the mean time, here's some blood:

  • I see that some people have forgotten, or thought the the work of the South African Chapter of the More Blood In Games Special Interest group was finished, or abandoned. But make no mistake: some of the catechumen have ascended and have been adding more blood and senseless violence to South African games.


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