[Event] Joburg Community Meet-up - 13-Nov-2012

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When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Tuesday the 13th November

Where: the Microsoft Offices at 3012, William Nicol, Bryanston.

  • "A Chatbot Service for use in video game development" - Alec (20 minutes)
  • "Making games in South Africa" - Dale Best (~40 minutes)
  • Zita Asteria demo (15-30 minutes)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/366653820092221/


  • I'll be there as early as I can with netrunner :) probably get off work around 5:30, from rosebank :)

    Not sure if I'll have something to show, will see closer to the time :)
  • Hmmm, let's see, I get off at 16h30 but with traffic I'm usually there about 17h30(ish). Do we need a table to play netrunner on?
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    table would be preferable, though I guess the floor would do too..... No, table. Table, please :P

    A game of Netrunner can spread about this much (attached) with lots of counters.
    IMG_1191 - Copy.jpg
    500 x 375 - 86K
  • Do the cards have protective sleeves of some kind? I know there are tables outside where they serve the food and drinks, but I'm not sure if there will be a table inside the auditorium though. But yeah, no floor please.
  • Yep I got them all sleeved :) Though it would be nice to have a surface without juice all over it :P
  • Dale wanted to show some stuff that they've been working on at Luma Arcade too. :) It'll just be him though, so it won't be the avalanche of stuff we had last month. :P
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    OK Joburg guys, can we try to get a solution for the videos? :) I think it'll really help everyone and the community at large. Same for the CT guys too! Have you guys recorded some of the talks?

    Thanks to everyone who has assisted in the vids so far, now let's get them to do something! :)

    The current state of play is that @Karuji has the videos, and he's edited them. Awesome :) But he doesn't have the bandwidth to upload them (sad face), which is understandable since I don't have either, and it's not working out for him to meet someone (dunno who) to upload them.

    So can I suggest that after the meetup, we immediately transfer the files to someone who can
    1) Edit them and
    2) upload them or
    3) can easily get them to someone with access to bandwidth to upload?

    on 1) - simple editing only please, we don't need anything fancy, it's just cutting it up to segments.
    on 2) - yeah, uncapped is best. Home or work.
    3) is only needed if person A can't do editing AND uploading.

    It's my opinion that it's no trouble to give the mgsa youtube channel logins/admin (I believe it's sitting with @edg3) to whoever is able to help on this.

    I can volunteer for 3), cos I'm going to be in a work environment with bandwidth (starting in 2 days so can only really really confirm then) although I'm no good with 2).

  • The current state of play is that @Karuji has the videos, and he's edited them. Awesome But he doesn't have the bandwidth to upload them (sad face), which is understandable since I don't have either, and it's not working out for him to meet someone (dunno who) to upload them.
    @karuji: I said you can drop them off whenever. (hint hint, nudge nudge)

    My thoughts are not everything is broken, some times things just dont go as planned.
  • Oh I missed that. Was kinda studying uber hard >.>

    @Tuism normally they would have been up by now. Just that at this time of year anything that has to do with a student tend to take a hiccup to the knee.
  • OK then, I've totally missed the whole student timing thing. Let's let it run as it is now then and see the vids up sometime :)

    I'm all for streamlined ways of going about things that makes it easiest for everyone involved, is all I'm saying :)
  • I'd like to talk about my masters: "A Chatbot Service for use in video game development". And possibly time permitting talk about the 2D fighting game framework I'm creating for Unity (time permitting my side).
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    Do we need some more content? (Or more time for netrunner? :P)
  • Hey @ProjectX, how long do you think your talk will be? :)
  • Anyone want me to do a design related talk on "10 things every game needs?"
  • Unfortunately I won't be able to attend Tuesday's meetup, but hope to catch you all at the next meetup instead!
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    @tuism: I will bring all-purpose cleaning wipes just in case :P

    Also, quite surprised that Dale will be giving a talk, I am excite!
  • Hi

    We would like to show our game Zita Asteria at the meeting if possible.
    It is still in beta and can be downloaded at www.zitaasteria.co.za
    Thanked by 1edg3
  • Hey @lilGrim! Your game looks interesting! It looks to tickle my fancy - reminds me of Bedlam which I really enjoyed in my days :)

    I was wondering why some of the screen shots were dithered to hell?

    Oh and how much time would you like? Just so the guys can plan time. Though it seems like we got no overflow this month.


  • Haha its an effect, the game views through a satelite so when big explosions go off it interferes with the "signal" thus
    u get that effect. It looks abit weird on a screen shot but nice in-game

    We will need between 15 and 30min, no more than that just to show, say what we working on and answer questions
  • Just so no one thinks my exam tomorrow killed me I *gasp* won't be making this meeting since I need to study. See you all in December.
  • Workstorm is brewing over the horizon so I may not be able to make it early for this :( so much of sadness :( I'll keep everyone updated (I have netrunner by my desk and everything damnit)
  • @Tuism, I feel for you man. Hopefully you'll get there early enough that we can give Netrunner a go. If not...we might be able to squeeze it in afterwards?
  • C'mon dudes, lets get a monthly card game meet going. I don't often make it to the meetups (although I should) but I think it would be a helluva lot more enjoyable if it wasn't 'squeezed' in somewhere.
  • I was planning on suggesting it tonight. So all the people that are there could discuss some logistics. :)
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    Totally :) I've got a few friends that wanna do a regular thing too, so we should definitely. Maybe together, maybe not. But let's see. I'm big into Thunderstone and Netrunner right now :)

    On Yucata.de you can play the original Thunderstone (and MANY other games) online for free, I had a few games and it's pretty awesome except it's original TS and not Advance :P I highly recommend it, we can set up games in our own homes or even on the road cos it WORKS ON IPAD :D
  • Is the meetin still going on? I'm still stuck at work but am hoping to leave soon with Netrunner in tow...... I guess next month or we'll organise something else. It's too late already :(
  • Poopledoop.

    You missed some great stuff! :< I think Ernest got it all on video though!

    Which reminds me. Where are last month's videos? :P
  • Yeah man I just got home like 30 min ago :(

    So now more than ever I'd really like the videos to get up, all the previous ones and today's ones.
    I know we keep saying there're temporary situations and/or problems and/or things not working out and/or whatever.

    But seriously. Either our "system" works or it doesn't - if it doesn't, let's just change it. Plllllleeeeeaaase :)
  • No netrunner ;( Well, it sucks to work so late. Hopefully next time? :)
  • So, the makegamessa youtube channel isnt verified (and I cant seem to force it to verify) so on Tuesday when I set all the videos to upload they all uploaded and were ready to share the links of, and then youtube was kind enough to delete all of them for being "too long". When my dad leaves to go to his client I will set some of the videos to upload using my youtube account if I still cannot verify the makegames one (and will do some playlist trickery to make things show under makegamessa).

    If you dislike the fact that I had uploaded everything and youtube deleted the videos you should join my army! We will protest! :P

    But seriously, I have pretty much the worst luck.
  • PROTEST! Geez that's one unforseeable piece of fuckery. How do you get an account verified, don't you just do it with your mobile number or something?

    Thanks for the attempt, it should have worked out. POO FOR GOOGLE.

    @Rigormortis next time for sure, but let's see if anyone is interested in a regular card/board game meet from here, too :)
  • @Tachyon Poogle when the Google engineers got bored and made their own kind of Poodle.
  • Er... Has anyone perhaps seen Dale's laptop charger?
  • @elyaradine: There was a laptop charger there just before I left (Dale had already left) and I asked the Zita Asteria guys if it was theirs, and the said thanks and I believe they might have it (unless it is still at Microsoft?).
  • Erk. Wonder how we can get a hold of them.

    Dale can't work at the moment. :<
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    Let me call Dave and see if he can check at Microsoft for us quick.

    Update: Dave said he would check downstairs for us.
  • No news yet :/
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