Kickstarter Lessons (by Stonemaier)

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Jamey Stonemaier is a pretty good name in boardgames, and he made his success on Kickstarter. So he wrote a whole lot of stuff on Kickstarter, and I think it's a great resource, I've started reading it. He's been writing for a while now, and he's compiled a list so you can read it in a good, logical order. What a guy.

This is just a part of it:

And this is a good introduction to his material. First of all, this is entry #110. #110!!!:
Kickstarter Lesson #110: The Shortcut to Kickstarter Success

Spoiler alert: There is no shortcut to Kickstarter success.

There are outliers, sure. Creators who get lucky despite not putting in much work or effort. But don’t count on being lucky–your dream is too important for that.
So I’m a bit torn here. I think it’s good that I’ve created an exhaustive list of Kickstarter Lessons that walk a new project creator through every step of the process. That’s the kind of resource I wish I had when I was creating my first project.

But at the same time, I really like the idea of creating something welcoming, positive, and supportive that encourages people to read more. I think there’s value to that, and it might get a new creator’s foot in the door instead of ignoring them altogether. I just don’t want a new creator to only use the summary material instead of digging deeper. Like I said, there are no shortcuts to Kickstarter success.
Just for credentials, he made all these and more on Kickstarter (I think):


and the latest which just BLEW UP on BGG, it's not hard to see why - he's established, and RUSSIAN MECHS:



  • Thanks for the share!

    Biggest problem that I don't think he mentions is how do we as South-Africans get our projects on Kickstarter?
  • Just need a contact with an American bank account and address as far as I know.
  • Yeah, South Africans getting a kickstarter is a unique that people who're already successful on it won't know about. We basically need business contacts from a country that has Kickstarter access, notice that Cadence is run in pounds, Sultan's Library's run in Canadian dollars, etc.

    If you want information on actually getting that right, that's a different story from the above, of course.
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