Yeshua Nel's Portfolio

Hi there,

I'm Yeshua Nel a artist from South Africa looking for work in the Game/Movie Industry.
I'm a 2d and 3d artist working on mostly Character Concept and Illustration art,
In my free time I like to make tutorials, learn the process artists take, and do some free art where ever I can.

Here is a link to my website where you can see some of my previous work,

and here are some sample pictures of my art.

Goku as a Female

The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

Character Design


  • I think there is stuff in your portfolio that is much stronger than the stuff you posted here. Like that you repeat using some characters. Like the knight above. Really cool stuff.
  • Ah cool, good to hear hey, which one's do you think is stronger?
  • Hey, great portfolio.

    If there is one suggestion, you could add micro details to some of the areas of your work. For example there is some really strong work like : Warriors in Christ, but if you look at the sword hilt its a bit bland. Or his gauntlet. The colours are also a bit uniform, perhaps try different levels of saturation or contrast.

    Positive points though, the face , hair and beard are excellent as well as the pose. So i think they are tiner minor points you could try to take it to the next level!

  • Ok that does sound like a good point , I will look into it and try to round it off in the way you suggested,
    thanks I appreciate the feed back iceblademush.
  • Updated Character Concept Design.
    A trible type alien mixed with robotics.
  • edited
    I also do logo designs.

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