• Cool idea, maybe I should make an unlock able difficulty for some of the levels that you can play from a separate menu screen.
  • I added yet another level to the game (I’m gonna try adding at least one level a day). You can skip a level at any time by pressing “n”… useful for not repeating levels to get to the new ones.

    link to game:

  • Unfortunately, the game experience is hitting something of a ceiling for me. :) My laptop keyboard has a little trouble with Up+Other Direction+Spacebar and it makes the challenges a little more, uh, challenging-er for me.

    I really like the progress that has been made so far though and the difficulty curve at the beginning feels a lot better, the ball itself also feels like it's far more satisfactorily "mobile".

    My major comments concerning level design would be to keep them shorter in some areas, particularly when you're performing a long string of challenges that would end up with your death / level restart.
  • @Nandrew I could make a secondary set of controls, and I totally agree on keeping levels short.
  • Looking good. If you can figure out some iPhone controls for it I'm sure this would sell well.
  • Brilliant, eating up my afternoon but in a good way.

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