Unity Sponsored series - "Making Your First Game" by Extra Credit

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The first in a series of four videos on how to get started making your first game.
Making Your First Game: Basics - How To Start Your Game Development

Only the 1st episode, so they only touch on the basics, but looks to be a great intro to Game Development for newbies.

Edit: Episode 2 was just released -> Setting (and Keeping) Production Goals

Edit: Episode 3 was just released -> How to Scope Small and Start Right


  • Great that they're doing this! Gotta love these guys!

    This first episode is pretty thin, but keen to see where they take this series!
  • No.1 Keep the scope small.

    (Flips table)
  • I love Extra Credits. They have very useful insights and ideas! I am so glad that they are doing a Sponsored show in collaboration with Unity. Seems to me that Unity is becoming the go-to game engine for beginners. From personal preference I too think Unity is a very user friendly game engine. I've been procrastinating a bit on picking up Unity and continuing the tutorials (Brackeys) that I've been following. They inspired my to get back on track :D
  • Ep 3 has been released: How to Scope Small and Start Right
    Talks about MVPs and Prototypes.

    Their version of MVP takes the word "minimum" to its greatest extents :)
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