A: Zeratul

Haven't delved much into pixel art before but I'm rather enjoying this. ^^

References and initial sketch. Did the pose at a normal size then shrunk it before starting on the colours.

Here's the first wip.


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  • On a phone even small images look big.

    I wonder if you shouldn't over exaggerate his blade and face mask more for the smaller size? Especially the face mask because it looks like it's part of his chest.

    Don't forget to change the title of the post to "A: Zeratul" in-line with the comp rules
  • Cool!

    Given the nature of the character I suppose it's alright if he's a bit dark, but I'd then bring out the highlights more (blade, eyes)

    Thereafter it's then defining the shapes clearer :) I think one of the most important things in pixel art is to go in and pop pixels, being conscious of the shape you want/are putting down, instead of using brushes.

    Also I wanna ask - what's the purpose of this sprite, a side-on platforms? An isometric top-down? I'm guessing the latter as his stance suggests that, but its not quite obvious to me yet.

    Good stuff :D
  • I really like your sketch! Some nice, attractive shapes. :)

    You've probably spotted all of this already (from your sketch, it's clear you've got some art experience!), but just in case... :P

    In the coloured version, there's a LOT of detail there. And it becomes kind of a blurred mush when you scale it down. What I'd do next is to go over the shapes you feel are important/dominant, and make sure they're well-defined. Blur your eyes and check if the right patches of colour still jump out at you. (Currently I only see the blade.) Then you've got a really nice base, and can add detail wherever there's space.

    Can't wait to see more! :D
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