[Prototype] Shipwrecked - Island Survivor Manager

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Shipwrecked is our second attempt at creating emergent storytelling after Bacchus Bank. In it the player has to balance a number of things while things slowly fall apart around them. We don’t know if we quite managed it but we thought we’d show it to you guys anyway.

Instructions on how to play are in the game.

Play online: http://clockworkacorn.com/games/shipwrecked/flash/


Some focused questions:

Do you feel like you're choices mattered, that they had significant outcomes?

Where there enough choices for you to make?

Was there enough variety in the events that popped up?

Anything else?


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    I'm not sure if the choices really mattered. I feel as though you try and get food when it's low, and gather wood / build otherwise.

    Perhaps more actions and more events would help this out. Do you do anything after finishing the raft? It just kinda froze so I assumed I had finished. Maybe if there were secondary goals, like build fire (which helps morale) or something. Like a different project besides the raft (I guess build fire is too small a task to be called a second project). But secondary tasks that make survival easier/better. And if it could tie in with events, then it would really push for decision making more. Like if it's a cold night, make a fire. Perhaps you see a storm coming, halt work on the raft and build a shelter. Etc.
  • I think I disagree somewhat with Denzil. I felt my choices mattered mostly, because each choice has a different outcome, like if you hunt, you get food, but your morale drops, and if you spend all day chopping wood, your stamina drops a huge amount. It's more difficult than just getting food or gathering wood when it's low.

    That being said, I do agree that perhaps more actions/events/goals would improve the game.
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