[Prototype] Jhalo Jhalo - Week 4 of OGAW

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Week 4 - a month of One game a week has gone pretty fast, and it's been so great!

I'm in the midst of exams and exam game crunch so this one isn't quite ready for posting.

Made a clone of multiplayer, abstract racing game, Chalo Chalo. this week, and I added some ideas of my own that I thought would add a lot - hoping to get some feedback on these when I post this week, or at the meetup.

Jhalo Jhalo


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  • This looks very interesting!
    Keep it up :)
  • Hahaha, very cool! Perfect subject matter for OGAW! :D
  • Chalo Chalo is such an amazing game concept, one of those things that you instantly feel jealous over as soon as you see it in action... What stuff did you add?
  • @dislekcia

    Yeah, I'm so in love with the design of it :).

    Spoke about this at the Joburg meetup: the major thing I added was that each player has their own cube that they place before the game begins (it's the transparent dark green cub on the screenshot). This gives only the player who placed it, a boost when they move over it. Other players treat it just as a piece of empty track.

    Also, the size of the cube is decided by how far behind you are on a meta level. Players get points based on the position they get to end point. The player that's furthest behind gets a big square, while those that are ahead, get smaller cubes to place. It's essetnially just an attempt to keep the players relatively even across the rounds.
  • Was there any other development on this? I'd like to give it a try.
  • @Rev nope! This was only a mechanical prototype - the game is was based on is finally purchasable on Steam though!

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