Anyone looking for Game Assets, Low Poly Models on Unity 3D...... We can help

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We are an Animation and Visualization Studio help game developers by creating game assets, 3D model, low poly modeling, animations and with Unity models. Basically we do freelance project for Danish Game Studios, here also looking for the same opportunity.

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  • Low poly is over 50k polys? :P
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    Hi Elyaradine,

    Appreciate your concern and nice observation. This model was the part of an e-learning app for ipad. Here we've reduced the original model by remodeling in quad poly and also reducing the number of poly by 1/12th. This was the requirement from the client. And the model is running smoothly under ipad 1 as well.

    However we are highly capable to do low poly characters, which can be ranged from 1000 poly to 8000 poly depending on the need of the client :)
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