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I have made many threads with different tracks in them so I thought I would try consolidate the mess and make a portfolio thread for myself that I will post any new stuff into.

I have a recent piece I worked on for Blazing Aces that I wanted to put up. Very epic orchestral, inspired by Lotr/ Star Wars style dark orchestral stuff.


and just for good measure, a link to my general soundcloud.


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  • Well done @Tim_Harbour! Sounds really cool! I love how it builds in the end. One question, is it mono for a specific reason? Well done again man!
  • Thanks @karl182! Appreciate it.

    Yeah it's mono because it's mainly going to be played on Android phones. I figured if people use headphones stereo could be cool but if the majority aren't going to it not worth it. I could be wrong in my thinking though... what do you think?
  • @Tim_Harbour Aha that makes perfect sense then! I think you are correct, I think 99% of people use apps on their mobile devices without headphones.(at least people i know) Thanks man i never even thought about that! :)
  • Sounds suitably dark and militaristic :)
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