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My name is Pieter Smal, 25 years old: Master-degree student at the University of Pretoria. My aim is to both become a video game soundtrack composer and scholar.

My B.Mus. mini-dissertation was entitled "Unifying Elements in the Tomb Raider Trilogy game soundtracks". Whilst my M. is in composition, my mini-dissertation continues research in game soundtrack, laying an academic foundation for this new field of study.

Although I am experimenting with various programs, I will only immerse myself in game-soundtrack composition post-doctorally.

Take a read through my B.Mus. mini-disseration or comment on my other composition :)


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  • That must have been an interesting one to research, thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums!
  • Thank you Gibbo. I am excited to be here!
  • @ps89 Hi Pieter! Wow those are some serious credentials! :) I checked out the videos on your site! Seriously impressive! Well done man!
  • Thank you @karl182. Hey guys, wanna make music together? What do you play, Karl and @Gibbo?
  • I used to play the violin, piano & guitar (and singing) but in terms of composing these days I do this via Ableton and sample libraries

    We've got a thread running for music tips & advice if you want to check out and/or add any tips to it: http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/1698/getting-started-soundmusic-advice-thread#Item_13
  • Welcome Pieter. Nice to have you join!

    I am also currently doing my Master's in music composition with my focus on video games. I am in the process of handing in my masters proposal this week titled Compositional Perspectives On the Music of Indie Games - A Case Study of Fez, Braid and Journey. It would be great to share research and ideas sometime considering you are the 3rd person I have met studying video game music in this country.


    Great to have you here.
  • Hi @PS89! sorry i missed your reply somehow. I play the guitar and sing.(and also bass, piano and drums) I played for a Band called City of Heroes till end of last year but quit to focus more on my studio and composing and sound design. Here's the last video I was in with City of Heroes:
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