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Hi there! I am new to the site and thought i would post my work. I am looking to get more into game music and sound and is busy working hard on the new sound challenge that's up! :) i will post that as soon as it's done! In the mean time, please check out my soundcloud demo reel:
I've also just got my website up :
I would love to help out on some projects, so if anyone needs anything i am keen to help!

Have an awesome day/night/evening/morning!!


  • Thanks for sharing man, and looking forward to hearing what you come up with for the challenge!
  • Thanks man! It's my pleasure! I'm hoping it turns out well! are you making anything for the challenge?
  • Yup, got the basic structure down, hoping to be able to upload something within a week
  • That's a nice range you have there. You music making magic men always make me glad we have you around.
    Out of curiosity, are you looking to extend your prowess to a range of genres in order to add to a range of different projects?
  • @gibbo Awesome man! I am excited to hear what you come up with! I recorded some sounds with my mouth yesterday and after playing around with them they are sounding pretty interesting to say the least! :)

    @steamhat Thanks Steamhat! I am always keen to try new styles of music. I come from a rock background but have always tried to incorporate some theatrical elements as well. Here's one of my favourites i wrote in my old band. I also did the vocals for this song.
    I am always looking for new challenges so if you ever need anything let me know! :)
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    @karl182 Oh wow I loved the masquerade. Its Ozzy meets Cranberries meets Nick Cave meets Muse. Your range and variety is wonderful... and you wanna do music for games? A great thing...but, WTF happened to your band?
  • @konman hey man thanks a lot! I am running a recording studio and started focusing more on that side of things. Also i wanted to move more into composing as i feel it gives a lot more freedom and you are not stuck in a single genre, and all the live shows started to take their toll. So i wrapped things up with the band en of last year. They got a new vocalist and are still going strong, and i am still working with them on the recording and mixes. And i am super excited to get into games! I am a huge gamer and i'm also playing around in game make studio all the time, so this is more where my heart is! Thanks for the comment man! Are you into music at all?Have an awesome day!
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    @karl182 Good luck with the recording studio. I hear you regarding the variety of genres. It's just so much more creative to diversify. I love your work in the band scene though and I think it is unfortunate you haven't made a bigger impact nationally or internationally because I think you certainly have the talent for it. I am personally VERY happy to hear you are interested in the game industry. I'm curious to know if you are planning to move into more than just music sound-tracks? Are you planning to do soundFX as well maybe? Is there scope for you to perhaps move into the television or movie industries?

    Edit: I am curious, because there is just so much fantastic local talent (like you) that we are unaware of when it comes to finding resources for games (and I guess film) that even locally we rather support international artists simply because they are more established in their marketing and advertising campaigns.
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    @konman Thanks man! Yes i am definitely planning to do sound design as well, and i'm even looking to get into some voice work at some stage. I have done music for a short film earlier this year, and will put that on youtube as soon as it's released. The band scene is a very difficult one to get into in our country. Unfortunately it's a very insecure and jealous scene, and if someone feels threatened they just shut the door on you. We have seen this time after time, and it took a lot of perseverance hard work to get as far as we did. So I'm already super excited about the attitude that i'm seeing in the games scene! Thanks again for all your posts and feedback! And you too @gibbo and @steamhat!

    Oh yes and @konman i saw your broke back biker game! :) I would live to feel how it plays as it's not really possible to see that in the video, but i love those types of games! Keep it up man!
  • Yo @karl182! Nice to meet you man! Cool to see more sound guys around! Where are you based? Joburg or Cape Town?

    Digging the City of Heroes track as well as the show reel stuff :D Very nice!

    Hope to see you around more!
  • Hi @Tim_Harbor! Thanks man! I am in Centurion, between Joburg and PTA. And you? I listened to your entry for the sound challenge! Really well done!! i'm also working on something for that, and will hopefully be posting is within a couple of days! Have and awesome day man! :)
  • I'm also Joburg based :D You must be the 2nd person on here from this area...well as far as I can tell! Most other seem to be from CT. I think I remember seeing your band out at a few gigs my band played at as well(I'm in Fridge Poetry). Pretty small world :D We should try meet up sometime as it's great to get to know the peeps in the gaming must come to meetup sometime if you haven't already ! :)
  • @tim_harbour awesome man i'm glad to hear there are more people from around here! I haven't been to a meet up yet but will swing by sometime! aha your band name sound familiar! I checked you out on sound cloud! Nice man well done! :) My entry for the sound challenge is also up now, so go check it out if you get a chance! Have an awesome day dude!
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