[Portfolio] My own portfolio webpage.

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I have recently created my own web portfolio page. I added some of my art works in there with much more to come.
Feel free to take a look and any suggestions and comments are welcome.
There will be a few more images and pages to be added.


I'm still considering adding my CV to the page to download.


  • Nice. Two things missing though. You're an artist with no pictures on your home page? And secondly, no social media links on your contact page?
  • Thanks. I added some images to the home page. I also added a few places where to get a hold of me in my contacts page. I'm not on twitter and I only use Facebook for personal reasons so I won't add it there.
  • Still up. I can access it on my phone, my pc, at work and I even checked if other people at work can access it and it works fine for them. Not sure why it is down at your end.
  • sorry, I't probably this places stupidly over eager firewall.
  • You could try to get on the site if you use a mobile device or if you can avoid the firewall?
    Thanks for trying to view the site.
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