Seeking "Full-Time Unity3D Game Developer" Position

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I absolutely live and breath gaming. I love games! I am American and am very interested in the opportunities in South Africa.


My mission is to create great games (and tools) for cross platform deployment -- with a solid revenue model -- using Unity (2D & 3D) and C#.

I am actively seeking a full-time Unity3D position.

Here is some more info about me;

I was a founding team member of Neopets ( ), a grandfather in the online MMO game industry. We grew the company through its sale to MTV Networks / Viacom in 2005. I built the game development team of 12 developers (US & Singapore); hiring, training, and supporting them with AS2/AS3 frameworks, tools, and more. I have a proven management track-record but am equally happy to get my hands dirty. During my 7 years of success since Neopets, I have worn every hat; lead programmer, senior programmer, architect, producer, and more. I served as an author in game design magazines and worked on software architecture books ( ) . I have setup team workflows and instructed art staff. I've been the first to touch the code in a prototype, or the last to review the code before going live. Many leading organizations today are prioritizing flatter structures, favoring generalist developers, and equality across the company and the teams. I absolutely agree. The key for me is seeking to understand how I can best contribute to the company and then collaborating to get the job done well.

I have 13 years of experience as a software developer specializing in games. Many of my skills transfer from project to project, and from position to position. However, I made the bold move to change tools (from Adobe technologies to Unity). Unity's editor features, runtime polish and rendering quality, and momentum toward an increasing number of platforms all fuel my creativity and productivity. I'm confident that this lateral step in learning and building my passion will spring me forward during the next phase in my career. I am always flexible with compensation for the best overall fit (compelling games, opportunity to learn, exciting teams, and aggressive goals). Compensation is an important part of the picture, but it is not at the top of my priorities. I am also eager to relocate domestically or internationally.

I am flexible to the unique requirements of each project, but my preferred platforms include Unity For Game Development ( ). To give back to the community and demonstrate my expertise I have completed a series of Unity3D and C# Advanced Tutorials with full source-code and HD Videos too ( ) and I have worked with Augmented Reality ( ).

I am always evolving how I can best learn from my mistakes, and how to enable team members to give their best. Honesty and accountability are the keys, and new communication styles are the tools. I have completed the “Agile & Scrum Master” course at Rich Media Institute ( ) and would love to work on scrum-based teams to build my experience.

I am a native English speaker (American) with advanced Spanish & Portuguese skills and practical knowledge of Italian, French, & German.


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Samuel Asher Rivello
SKYPE: srivello

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