Steam Greenlight!

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Hey guys, steam greenlight is up and running so get your games up on to the cloud :)

Heres a sneaky link


  • It would be pretty cool if the community can help each other get their games on Steam. I can't wait to see how many games will wind up on Greenlight.
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  • @Jwho303, dude! Do you know a guy named Randall? He mentioned that a mate of his was making a car gaurd game. That's damn cool! Lol! Original!

    I'm definitely submitting Robolegs to Greenlight once I've got something worth showing to the Steam Community because they can be pretty picky. :)
  • @Landman, hey dude. Sorry I only saw this now.
    I dont know a dude Randall, I know a Dante who pointed you out to me yesterday :)
    Saw some of video on uchuub, looks pretty fun. Is that in unity?
  • @Landman, yea the greenlight community is pretty picky
    I either get people loving the idea of Night Watch or they hate it because its not done and it shouldnt be on greenlight
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