Making Make Games SA as the recognised Industry Association in South Africa

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Hi Guys,

I'm in talks with the DTI at the moment on making MGSA the registered industry association for game development in SA. If we can get this, it gives us access to a whole host of funding programs. Importantly the SASS scheme which will let us send 20 people to GDC next year. I've submitted most of the forms already, but the DTI is now asking that we submit a list of "members signing their support and allegiance to the organisation, justifying why they should be approved as an Export Council, Industry Association or Joint Action Group"

I need your pledge by Wednesday 27 November 2013

Details we will need: Organisation Name, Registration Number (if it has one), Name of person signing, designation, motivation of support


Thanks for your continued support guys, with your help we can really make MGSA go places :)



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