E:Bunny Hopper

I love playing quake and warsow ,what I love the most is the movement aspect,trick jumping.

The idea for this entry is a side scroller that relies on bunny hopping(maybe use an actual bunny :P,that goes SPLAT! if you dont make it.) to complete.
timing jumps,firing rockets at the right moment,gaining speed and controlling movement are important aspects.

The 5 minute time limit aspect comes in the form of a constantly moving "wall" that scrolls from left to right increasing in speed over the course of 5 minutes.survive the wall and survive the game.

the levels will be procedurally generated as you move through them,requiring quick reflexes and timing to stay on the platforms.
Busy downloading game maker studio to whip a quick prototype together ,exams are coming up though, so hopefully I can find time to squeeze it in .
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