E: Assassin Speed

I guess I should put down my idea here so that I am committed to making it in the next few weeks.

My idea is to make a competitive silly assassin game which contains elements annoyance, paranoia, twitchyness, chaos and 2 minutes to kill something or everything!

The idea was born out of the frustrations in waiting ages for the perfect opportunity to strike in a stealth like game. Ultimately I just want to make a game where 4 people can drop in and compete to kill a target within 2minutes (the closest to the target after the 2min will be crowned the winner). I want it to be very twitchy with lots of danger/death/re-spawning for a very short frantic time. So... yeah... thats my idea.

All I have for now is basic movement in unity... I will hopefully be able to put out a build/toy relatively soon (famous last words).

Just for eye-candy sake here is some programmer art I made and will probably not be using :P (because I can't export the entire spritesheet through the free version of spriter :( )


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