E: Tiltris

Thanks for another cool challenge! I'm loving the brain exercise and the deadlines that these offer. I just need to participate more :) Moar hackery!

For this one I've decided to pull out something from my past that I speak of so fondly so often - The game I made in grade 11.

This game is like Tetris/bejeweled, Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, but on a swinging box that tilts as one side gets heavier than the other.

Design challenges: When blocks keep disappearing, a game could conceivably go over 5 minutes. To counter that, I'll be making the blocks NOT disappear, but instead shift around the playing field, which means no matter how good either side is, the game will have a set time frame without imposing a strict timer.

I've already started some rough code seeing if Physics in GMS works for what I want to do... It works, but it's really quite strange. I might have to hack my own physics (again) (noone can say I'm not building on my previous experience XD)

And an AI?

Two player mode would be easy.


  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15257303/game_dev/tiltris/index.html


    So I've put up a web build. Been trying to get the mechanics working, my experience from Bear Chuck has helped speed this up, but at the same time, re-using the code from Bear Chuck has resulted in catastrophic confusion @_@

    (Maybe I should stick to building things without a TON OF LOGIC that needs to work. OMG. Why can't I just do good ol walk jump n shoot? >_<)

    How it goes:

    WASD for movement, with W to spin the block.

    R resets.

    Match 3 to shift their gravity to send blocks the opponent's side (there will be a 2nd player but that's not in yet).

    The matching bit's broken and I've almost no clue why, I need to build my own physics instead of using GM's again, I guess. DAMNIT. The current stuff results in matches sending random blocks over instead of what should go over @_@ They will also change colour so they don't just get sent over and come right back.

    And the weight thing hasn't been added yet either. Was hoping to have the matching thing downpat already. GAHHHH.

    Well like I said this isn't working properly but it does demonstrate the concept. More or less :P I really like this concept of two players sharing the same playing field. It makes interaction more direct compared to other games of this type :)

  • @Tuism - I love the concept, but not sure if I understand the mechanic. I match colours and then sometimes they will start shaking, or the arrows on them would change, or they would get a big white cross over them, but I had no idea what any of that meant. And only twice did it seem to work and the block would shift to the right of the screen. I saw that you mentioned some things are not working the way they should, so not sure if that is what you meant. Also had a weird glitch where a set of bricks spawned at the top but did not move down, and remained there for the remainder of my playtime:

    Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8vkmax42lfmgde/Screenshot 2013-10-14 20.34.54.png

    Hope you get it sorted. You know i'm a huge fan of matching games.

  • Sorry sorry, yeah like I said the whole thing's not really working... but I just posted because I felt I should be showing progress... Whether it's progress and lack of progress :P

    Thanks for giving it a look, I'll update when the build's more complete :P
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