The five-cat-coder technique

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This is how you code on a cold winters' night (like it or not);


There are five cats on his lap (three black, two with their heads close together in the middle).

"Del, why is The Maker's Eden taking so long?"

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    A photo of @Raithza practicing his dog-coding-fu ...


    Said dog is sleeping on my feet right now smelling of the river he just swam in (he has lured into it by a lady dog despite him not liking swimming due to the cuddliness of his ears)


    He actually doesn't ever stop moving, so he doesn't come out well in photos. He's now no longer sleeping on my feet.

    Here's a picture of the river he smells of (and two members of Free Lives as well as a delicious coffee milkshake):


    Now he's jumping up and down on the spot to see how high he can get.
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    Springer Spaniel? Bundles of energy. Don't envy you! We have seven cats, most of them are pretty docile (unless they're fighting over Jaco's lap space) and a sled dog from Alaska. He was rescued from a sled team as a puppy, they were going to cull him 'cause he didn't make the cut for the team. He's a mix of a lot of stuff; Akita, Shar Pei, a bit of wolf. Fortunately he's too big to be a lap dog, though sometimes he tries. >.<
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    Yup! 110% Springy Springer Spaniel! He's a silly creature.

    Your sled dog sounds like a handful as well. Demi-wolves aren't the easiest pets (as I understand it).
  • He's getting on a bit now and has a touch of arthritis so he's not a jumper. I had a friend who used to keep huskies and run them as sled dogs and they had to have a fourteen foot fence in their yard to keep the dogs in >.< He's got a wonderful temperament though; still thinks he's a puppy. Here's what he looked like when he was wee:


    And this is him now:

  • Oh my word he's pruuurrty!
  • Yeah he is ^.^ We took him to get groomed last summer and they cut his fur a bit too short, so he was practically bald all over but still had a big poofy head and tail. Like a husky-poodle. ;)
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  • Oh my gosh that's a beautiful creature.
  • Hmm

    Dognapping gear check
    Flight to CT check
    Escape vehicle check
    Declare affection of dog check

    That dog is absolute :3 like totally just made my day!
  • ohhhhmygoooodnessss puppy is so cute and dog is so beautiful! And happy! Happy dog!
  • BlackShipsFilltheSky said:
    A photo of @Raithza practicing his dog-coding-fu ...
    That dog looks like it's been crudely photoshopped onto whoever is sitting next to @raithza!

    I feel I should get the 2 daschunds we have here at home into the mix. They're quite slippery creatures though, so it might be tricky getting a picture. Also, @WelshPixie, that dog is wonderful! So smiley!
  • That dog looks like it's been crudely photoshopped onto whoever is sitting next to @raithza!
    I will find some convincing evidence!
  • I will find some convincing evidence!
    Don't! I don't want you to ruin the idea I have in my head now that you guys have a dog programmer in your team. If a team of "ghost hunters" can have a Ghost Hunting Dog, you guys can have a dog who codes.
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    I heard this is a whats happening thread or somethings. NICE CATS!
    Evan and I were in a car crashing this weekend. Still shaking from the adrenaline we busy talking about new game ideas about realistic car crash simulation and how brutally violent we could make it.
    Oh turns out seatbelts aren't this stupid thing to make you waste time, turns out they really important. We T-boned the dude doing about 100. Was pretty badass. (+1000 to beard strength.)
    Both cars were a write off. NOT OUR FAULT! :)
    Also turns out evans car had actual predator blood in it. wierd.
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  • Like holy shit O_O

    *hugs* to both you guys.
  • Damn! that's intense, glad you two are both A okay!
  • Dudes! I presume you guys are all alright? Even after photos I feel compelled to ask "what happened???"

    I always think of those shots in movies where you see the guy from the side out the car window and all of a sudden the window become headlights and shit goes batshit.

    I'd play the heck out of that game :)
  • Holy shit indeed! I hope you guys are alright! That looks like a really nasty accident :/

    But of course, how awesomely dedicated of you guys to be thinking of cool car physics games IMMEDIATELY after :P Hehe
  • I kept looking for the cat/dog until I realised you were posting about the accident itself >.< Hope everyone's okay, that looks nasty!
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  • Luckily you had your beard on man! glad you made it.
  • Oh dear! I do hope that no-one was seriously injured; I gather that you and Evan at the least seem to be fine.

    Regarding the original post, aww, that is cute. ^_^

    Working with a cat on one's lap can be lovely... until one decides to colonise your arm, or you want to use the toilet, of course. ;)
  • Ye Gods, crazy shit! Hope ya'll okay :\
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    He's all dirty from harassing passersbys in Newlands Forest.

    Settling in for a hard evening of coding.
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    I see your dog-man and raise you a cat-man:

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  • The closest thing I have to a dev companion spirit animal at the moment:

  • If we are going for dev companion I say go cube or go home.

  • I've got my rats to keep me busy...
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    We celebrated @Merrik's birthday with cake! It was delicious!

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  • Fuck yeah! Happy Birthday u awesome sexy bastard!!!
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