[Event] Cape Town community meet up - 29-08-2012

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When: Wednesday the 29nd of August, 2012. Starts at 18:30, ends at 21:00 (although socialising afterward is encouraged)! - Couldn't move the event forward, now trying to make it gel with the AGM over skype, if at all possible!

Where: Microsoft offices, Engen building 2nd floor, Golf Park, Mowbray.

What: Who's talking? Who's got neat stuff to show? Who's going to do the flyer graphic?


  • Hey Danny

    I wasn't given a heads up on this date change? Please contact me.

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    My bad. Shouldn't be taking the sweet location for granted!

    Email sent.


    Dave's gotten back to me, changing dates is a problem, so we'll see what we can do in terms of alternate options. Will get back to everyone.
  • Hi,

    I am interrested in attending this meetup! will it be open to anyone, or just members?

    I have been involved in the game illustration side for some years, but only recently started on some of my own indie games.

  • @clintillo The meetings are open to anyone, and we're always welcome to new members. Experience is irrelevant, only requisite is a good attitude ;)
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  • Well it doesn't look like it'll be happening on the 22nd. I unfortunately won't be able to make A-maze, so if anyone else who isn't going up to JHB has anything they're still happy to discuss or demo to a smaller audience than usual, I'm assuming the original spot on the 29th is still available.
  • I'm really amped about this puzzle game a friend and I thought up. I've made a paper prototype that I can bring along to demo :)
  • I've heard about "paper prototypes" before, but I've never been able to fathom how one prototypes a game with paper... so I'd be very interested in seeing what you and your friend have come up with and how your prototype works.
  • It's looking like we'll move this back to the regular date (the 29th) and see if we can use the venue as the Cape Town point of the Make Games SA AGM. Still working on that though - will keep you all updated.
  • @ChristopherM I don't understand the paper prototype thing either, but it seems that only certain games can be prototyped that way, and I think "puzzle games" fall into that certain games group. I could be wrong, all I know is that this particular game that I've prototyped works really well on paper, the design is solid and game play is awesome. Looking forward to getting some feedback.
  • Hi all,

    Cool, thanks, I will keep the 29th open then, and look foreward to showing you the iOs game I am working on, and seeing what others have to show!
  • Hopefully there will be some cool Ludum Dare entries to show.
  • will surely try to make it :D went to one waaay back in March and wasn't able to attend ever since because something would always come up.
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    was talking to @dislekcia and we are going to organise a skype through for the MGSA AGM so that people will be able to vote and all that at the meetup.
  • Is there an agenda or is the meeting just a mashup and get-together? Unfortunately I've not got much to show myself, but keen to see whats going on these days.
  • as i mentioned at the last meetup, i'd like to sponsor pizza and drinks for this month's meetup of behalf of Mxit Developer Relations. (we love game developers, so we're more than happy to keep you guys fed and happy, not to mention looking at our APIs!)

    is that cool with everyone else? if i have an estimated count of how many people will be there, Mariska and i can take this one on and make it happen.
  • Just a heads up we'll be skyping in to the AGM at Amaze, so yall can get your vote on. AGM is 7:00pm to 7:30pm.
  • wow so early. And so brief too, I wonder if we'll manage in that time frame :)
  • We don't have to cover a lot, literally just vote on the committee and agree on the constitution. The interesting stuff happens AFTER the committee can start tackling requests and issues :)
  • Um, yay for downtempo's suggestion! Think there should be about 20 odd ppl if I hazard a guess. I for one think it's awesome to see this kind of community support.
    @dislekcia won't step on Microsoft's toes at all will it?
  • Also, seeing as a lot of the guys who drive proceedings are at A maze, does anyone want to step forward and suggest a talk they'd like to present or some interesting video we should all watch together?
  • @Tuism sadly we had to fit in the timeframe of the Festival, and I was late to the game getting it organised. 30mins should be more than enough to get what we need done though, and still have plenty time to discuss the other matters.
  • Awesome, then unless anyone tells me that it's a problem, i'll be showing up with 8 pizzas and drinks tomorrow. Looking forward to my second Make Games SA CT meetup!
  • @downtempo make sure there is at least a veggie one or margherita pizza ;p
  • also, AGM is 7:00 - 7:30 with maybe a few minutes setting up before, we could watch that juicyness video again to fill in the 6:30 - 6:50 time (*shrug* most ppl here would have seen it but I can't think of anything else interesting) and we have one or three demos to show (I'll demo you mine, "Guidance" if everyone else demos theirs :p)
  • I'm keen to the Jam demos, more of those!
  • Yeah! Pizza! I can demo my ludum dare game too.
  • do we have a laptop with VGA to use? I think we usually used dislekcia's
  • I'm afraid I won't be able to make tonight's meetup :( have a good one though...
  • I'm going to be late this eve (if i manage to make it at all). The juicyness vid sounds good. Can someone volunteer to be responsible for bringing it with. @raxter ?
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    @TheFuntastic will try rip it now
  • You guys better be there for the pizza... ;)
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  • We'll all have a slice for you, dude ;p hell, I'll have two

    (also juicy vid ripped and ready)
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  • awesome, if slightly stop start meetup, all! Yay association! Sweet paper prototype demo, game demos and JUICE video

    Thanks to @downtempo and MXIT for the beer and pizza(!)

    Thanks to all, especially @LexAquillia, for making the association real. Undoubtably a great step forward and many good times ahead under the new banner ^_^

    multiple cheers to all!
  • Thanks to everyone for their sweet ideas for expanding on Cubes! and @downtempo for the Beer and Pizza! that was awesome.
    And Horah for being having a legit committee with a constitution.
  • :( work went on just a little too long... hope everyone had fun.
    Next time...
  • @downtempo Thanks again to you and Mxit for the food/drinks.
    @LexAquillia Thanks for all the hard work you've put in for the association. I completely forgot to put my name down on the spread sheet thing though, its Ryan Mazzolini fyi.

    @Orpherischt Hope you can make it next time.
  • When is the next meet up? :)
  • @LexAquillia aaaah me too I forgot my name on the sheet, "Richard Baxter" please!
  • @Landman I think the next meetup is on the 26th September, its normally the last Wednesday of every month.
  • Wish I could've made it last night. It sounds like it was a very exciting an interesting evening. Unfortunately we went into over-time finishing Ninja Crash so that it could be submitted for XBLIG peer-review this week.
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