S.H.A.F.T (My LD41 Entry)

hay guys, so i just finished my LD41 jam entry. I hope you all like it :) Give it a go and tell me what you think!
This time I have mac, linux and windows builds :D

Here is the link to the builds:



  • This game is great :) I love the style!
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    Hey! This was pretty fun.

    Good stuff:
    1) I liked the visceral feeling of the gun and the bat(?) that I could attack enemies with. It felt like it had a nice impact when I used them and the responsiveness was great.
    2) I love the music.
    3) I liked that the world changed around me as I killed monsters.
    4) The slight difference in speeds for the panda's felt awesome. It meant that I couldn't just time out moves based on how man pandas there were I also had to account for the speed of them.
    5) I think the little arrow to show where the next health pack was dropped was good.
    6) The style...cute murderous pandas. Awesome!

    Less Good stuff:
    1) The quick switching of the brightness when you killed things was a bit difficult to deal with. I couldn't play for long before it became a problem for me, though I believe I might be a little more sensitive to this than most. I think something like the world gradually changing, but never changing back could be cool.
    2) It was a bit difficult to figure out exactly how many times an enemy was hitting me. I think there might have been some internal cooldown to taking damage, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Bear in mind though that I was only playing for about 5 minutes.
    3) I felt that I wanted to move around, but that it was a bad strategy. I would have liked it if the game gave me more reason to move around(like powerups).

    Are you planning to take this further? It would be interesting for me to see if platforming elements could be added to something like this. Regardless, well done!
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  • This is rad!

    Love the dripping blood on the terrain, and the concept is great.

    When playing it, I felt the metal track was my reward for killing bears, and I wanted to perform combos, or string kills together, to extend it. i.e. I felt that if I was playing well I would have been able to stay in the metal zone for long stretches (until I lost my killing streak).

    The contrast between light and dark games reminds me of Pony Island, if you're going to add any story that might be something worth looking into (i.e. why is there a "metal zone", is there something wrong with the game, is it being hacked?)

    There's an episode of Bravest Warriors that has a world a little like this.

    Something I'd like, is increasingly brutal ways to murder, new weapons would be rad, but the metal zone suggests fatalities and execution moves. It might also be rad if the bears behaved differently in the metal zone, like they canabalized nearby wounded bears.

    Obviously it depends on what you see the metal zone as... is it the comfy filter being lifted off your eyes (like the episode of Bravest Warriors), or is it the hero fighting back the happy tree friends facade and the game giving in to murder and metal, or is the game ramping up to fight back, or breaking down, or something else?

    Any plans on adding more to this?

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  • The game felt really juicy and feedback for the moment-to-moment gameplay feels good :)

    @EvangreenWood echoes my sentiment in that I felt that killing bunnies should have been able to let me combo up and stay in the metal, though I wanted a bit more than just an aesthetic change when the game "flipped", I couldn't find anything mechanically significant about the flip, was there?

    I kinda expected the heart bears to be beneficial when we touched. Which was quickly proven wrong, but the initial communication felt that way. Could be an interesting thing to explore?

    For a while I only bashed stuff with the stick, didn't even see the gun until a bit later. I guess there was meant to be more weapons and such, if the gun was a pick-up. Would be a good space to explore, especially if it's integrated into the metalisation of the game, like better rewards for better skill/combo, which makes better combos, which makes better weapons, etc.
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    While @Timothy has his head covered in work, I'm going to take a guess and say he is probably not going to take this further in the short term. We are working together with 2 other people on Grave Days, and progress is going quite well.

    That said, I do think this concept is great and I'm actually scavenging some ideas here. Timothy does a great job of capturing look & feel. Perhaps in the future we could take this further. I'd love to keep working with @Timothy for the forseeable future :)

    Of course, it's his own choice what he wants to work on, I'm just taking a guess in his absence :D
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