Poly Haven looking for Asset Engineer - mid/senior tech artist working on 3d scanning

We are looking for a highly skilled technical artist to work on photography-based creation of realistic 3D assets, primarily focused on texture atlases and tileable surfaces, but also 3D scanned props and environment chunks.

Position: Full-time, Permanent
Start date: 1 April 2023
Type: Hybrid remote (Mondays in office, otherwise according to preference or task requirement)
Location: Randburg, South Africa
Salary: R28-35k per month

Your role will be researching, developing and implementing techniques for creating 3D environment assets from real-world 3D objects, including:
  • Using photogrammetry to capture and process models with precision, both in the studio and out in the world.
  • Developing repeatable and scalable photometric-stereo workflows for capturing fabrics and flat surfaces.
  • Exploring novel ways to create texture atlases and tools to help environment artists.
  • Traveling on several short excursions per year (both local and international) with a small team to capture unique environments.
More information: https://blog.polyhaven.com/job-asset-engineer/
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