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"Maharaja is a tribute to the city nurturing series by Impressions Games, expanding on the ability for the player to care for a collection of cities and build an empire. Set in ancient India the player is seen as a great architect and is entrusted by its rulers to create a prosperous network of cities and defend its borders. In Maharaja you can build and coordinate production and trade between cities, send armies to crush invaders or suppress revolts, and shape the political landscape of a continent."

Download for Windows (last updated 24/05/2014 08:21)
Itch.io page (Most up-to-date)


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  • This looks seriously good :D I love the premise, would definitely build a town to specialise in zombies :D Does it work like in final fantasy where you kill a zombie by healing it? Cooool :)
  • Nah I wanna build a city specializing in wolves, way more bad ass than zombies...THEY CANNOT BE KILLED BY ANY FORCE!!!

    @fengol please put lazors or rockets on my wolves plskthnxbai!
  • I'll put in a land shark kills wolves!
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  • Looking great @Fengol. Really impressed by the amount done in such a short time. Looking forward to the next version in Unity ;)
  • There are some minor bug fixes updated on the first post. The particles, particularly the sickness particles, should be behaving now.
  • Ok this is a bit of a sidetracking comment but its just an idea. It seams to me a game of this style could be amazing on a mobile especially if you limited the whole city to one screen. Making the real estate limitation of the screen work as a limitation per city. Like I said but of a sidetrack.
  • @tbulford, last week a city builder was released for PC, Android and iOS, 1849 by SimSoma. I bought it on PC and iOS to playtest and learn from.

    I'll definitely be looking at mobile at some point.
  • Another small update available on the first post. Added some graphics to the granary and marketplace so you can tell at a glance if there is food; updated the walker's wandering AI a little bit so they can now walk around loops and they respect stopsigns. I also fixed the overlapping bug, allowing players to overlap buildings
  • I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but I am going to make time this weekend! Looking forward to play it I love these types of games :D
  • If you'd like to play this weekend download the latest version I've just uploaded this morning
  • I like the tabs you put in they give a better structure to the building, it might just be me but it feels a bit unbalanced with the currency, I haven't seen the caravan coming by but my product disappears from the trade post and I cant see my money raising that much.
    It is fun so far and I hope you keep developing it, do you have plans for monuments later in development?

    Here are a few bugs/notes that I noticed hope they help:
    1. When deleting stop sign the road also gets deleted.
    2. When game window lost focus it crashed, said something about a size variable.
    3. Does not warn if building is not connected to road.
    4. When building is destroyed the rubble does not say what was standing there (that info would be handy for rebuilding especially when cities become very large).
    5. Would be nice to see the health of the buildings as with the Health of the citizens inside.

    Hope to play more of it :)
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    Thanks for testing @LittleBear, I'll check them out. Please send me a screenshot of your city, there's a button provided in the game.

    I am continuing development. I'm adding a cotton farm, carding shed and warehouse which will be required for housing; and on the research side I think centred on the Gupta Empire, nominally called the Golden Age of India (320AD to 550AD)

    I also learnt it's now preferred to use CE instead of AD and BCE instead of BC; but I'm old school and I don't know if I've going to confuse people by using the new syntax.

    I'm really taken by @bischonator's advise to use a "Disney version" of India for my game, and I'm making notes about how and what that would look like. Taking a lot of inspiration from The Jungle Book and Aladdin.

    King Samudragupta, considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses
    King Samudragupta.jpg
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    @Fengol Very very nice man. I like the idea for a Disney like feel to the game as well. I would lose the red background on the side panel as it distracts my brain away from the gameplay? Red = Danger, focus here... :)
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  • More stuff to take inspiration from

    Arjun the warrior prince, the director came to give a talk about it at wits last year and it's still burnt into my memory. Here's the trailer
  • Hey dude got a little time to play the game again, took a few screen shots. It is a great beginning to an interesting game hope you keep up the good work.

    I have a few remarks again, only meant as constructive :)

    1. When you destroy an inspectors office the inspector doesn't disappear immediately.

    2. Is there a minimum worker level for a building to operate, maybe the worker like the inspector works slower when they don't have a full number of workers

    3. Screen shot number 5, the path finding makes it that the apothecary walks through houses when he returns.
  • Hey @LittleBear, I was careless and clicked Delete instead of <3 on your post, and while I've restored the post it's lost the pictures. Please can you upload them again? Thank you so much for the feedback
  • Abuse of power :p <3
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  • Sorry man I wiped the original screenshots the moment I uploaded them, here is one I just took, please don't delete ;P
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  • I restarted this project on the weekend in Unity3D. I've got a lot to do before I'm back at the level that was in the GameMaker version but in the meantime I've put the early prototype up on itch.io
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  • Woohoo! So pleased you're working on this again man, looking forward to seeing your progress!
  • So, so stoked you've picked this up again :) Good luck!
  • I've been doing framework stuff and struggling to get my head around path finding; but stuff is happening

  • Liking where this is going!
  • This is looking very interesting already.

    But, watching that video feels like the mouse is travelling a huge amount of KMs... having shortcut keys for each button, even this early in development, would lift a huge burden for usability and possibly accelerate dev testing too.

    E.g. move cursor over item, hit (D)emolish key and click. I feel a sim city itch that needs scratching having watched this :)
  • I got A* pathing working last night. I don't know why but I had a really mental block about implementing this. It seemed SO HARD!

  • Just found there's a Early Access remake of Caesar 3 on Steam.

    I also found an interesting article on how they drew the map
  • Another recent impression style city builder you could check out is Lethis - Path of Progress.
  • @Fengol Hey man it's great to see you continuing this project, I saw the first prototype at a MGSA meeting and was very exited and still am, hoping to see your vision shine trough :)
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