Asylum Jam, 48-hour horror game jam - 11-13 Oct 2013

"To explore spooky gaming outside of mental health stereotypes"

The primary rule is "You should not use asylums, psychiatric institutes, medical professionals or violent/antipathic/’insane’ patients as settings or triggers"

Who's keen?


  • Lol I thought this was talking about my boardgame from ages ago, also called Asylum :)

    Sounds cool, gotta see if I can make it!
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky keen to participate in the Asylum Jam or just keen in general. I realise I should have been more specific.
  • Hmmm, I'm not a huge fan of horror games. Maybe I should participate, it should be an interesting experience to try and make something I (probably) won't like. :P

    @Fengol, are you planning on doing an event for it or are you just asking who wants to participate in general?
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    @Fengol ... straight up keen... though it's hard to foresee that far ahead.

    I actually really like the theme. It hadn't occurred to me that the negative portrayal of mental patients is so prevalent in horror games... and now that I'm aware of it, it seems like a great reason for a horror jam. (Ideally I'd like a more constraining theme, but this theme has a good cause behind it is what I mean, and if some good games emerge from this jam then that might help that cause).
  • I'll bump @ProjectX to organise an event if there's a lot of interest (so post you're participating) otherwise I just wanted to share the jam info.

    Personally I'm big into the Cthulhu mythos which can happen anywhere but always deals with going mentally unstable and insane. I want to do some interactive fiction focusing on some other primordial fear.
  • I would actually like contribute, I really like this idea.
  • @Goraan well then it's time to flex your text adventure fingers and submit something (I also plan to submit an Interactive Fiction). Can I recommend using Twine for ease-of-use making Choose Your Own Adventure style of games and Inform for a more-complex-but-more-powerful Zork-like text adventure?

    Because it's a 48-hour competition I'd recommend Twine and the Choose Your Own Adventure style which is easier to implement and allows you to focus on narrative rather than handling all possible character options in Inform.
  • @Fengol You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I'll play around with these tools this coming weekend.
  • Hmm, might use this as an excuse to finish up Toward The Light 2...
  • Me me me! I'll also be doing an IF using Twine - huzzah for other people doing IFs :)
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    Progress on Jaco's side. I'm doing the writing and story-figuring-outing in Twine, and he's making it pretty in Unity (though he tells me everything he's doing could in theory be done with HTML/CSS, so Unity in this instance is not essential; just a bit quicker, perhaps). The map on the left has 'nodes' and when you click one, it moves a map pin, loads the associated text and drops a new photograph onto the stack on the right. The photos do form an actual stack and drop in at a random angle.

    Also, when writing horror game in Twine, ensure dialogue trees form pentagram. #ProTips


    (Don't pay too much attention to what you can see of the dialogue in the boxes - I was in the middle of changing tense :P)
  • This is my first time reading about a jam. I'd like to participate or maybe just see what someone else does :)
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