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Hi Guys,

I have just been contacted by a big SA toy company, can't name at this stage. They are looking for me to develop 4 online games for a website over in the US. I will need to work with a programmer who is available from now till, prob, around end of Feb or later, depending on how long we take. The contract is not finalized yet, because they didn't realize I only do illustration, so they do not have anyone for the programming side. I will need someone in the Cape Town area, sos we can meet up regularly.

I am still waiting for more details regarding each game and what they are needing, but I thought I would put the word out there now, and be able to offer them the whole package.



  • sounds cool :) let me know if you need any music and sounds :D
  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for letting me know. I have not heard anything back from them, so I take it that the project fell through or they went somewhere else.

    Anyway, there are other projects that come up for me, and I am also trying to get more. So it will be good for me to keep you as a contact.

    Just to make sure I understand you, do you offer "music" and "sound" , not programming?
  • 4 Online Games? Still don't know the entirety of the scope and details? End of Feb?

  • End of February is essentially a game a week. I don't think this is actually possible. Were they extremely simple games? If not, 4 online games (Flash game?) in 4-6 weeks is a rough ask for just one programmer and one artist.

    For future, and especially if looking for a programmer, it might be useful to mention your experience in game development (we can only see you as a name, what games have you made/illustrated before, what contracts have you successfully closed? etc etc), mention the working platform (I assumed Flash in this case) and what scope the game is (you said, 'small' but this doesn't actually tell us anything). Also a mention on remuneration might help (contracted work, salaried, profit share?)

    A good coder (and you'd need one for a game every week or two) won't work with someone who has little experience. Likewise if you are very experienced in game dev you don't want to be attracting people who are still a bit green and won't cope with the pressure.

    More details = win, less details means the reader will look at the situation and just see lots of unknowns and assume they haven't been thought through fully (regardless of whether they have or have not).

    This is just my perspective as a junior(ish) game programmer, so it's not universal but I've heard similar advice around the forums in the past. Hope you find the skilled people you need!
  • hey,ah thats a bummer. yeah just music and sound, unfortunatley no programming just yet ;)
  • For reference, this was initially posted by @Clintillo in October last year, @Nick_W necroposted it back up from the grave ;)

    Sucks that it seems to have fallen through.
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  • Ya, thanks dislekcia, looks like it wont happen. But I am always looking for good programmer, especially for iOS platforms.

    @raxter, appreciate the advice bud. But if you had read properly, you would have noticed I said I was still waiting for more info form the client. And, my experience is already been shown on here, a long time ago.
  • ah, didn't see that *facepalm*, soz man I'll do my homework next time
  • yeah just did my homework, my apologies dude, I'm looking like a complete ass now :p
  • haha, no worrys! Forums can do that all the time. By the way, do you do any iOS programming? I am trying to set myself up to offer more for a client, with bigger projects. Gaming is one aspect, and the other one I want to do more of is interactive storys, mostly for kids, but we will see.

    The more contacts I have the better.

  • @clintillo, If you need any writing done for those interactive stories, give me a shout :)
  • haha, "necroposted"
  • Necroposting is a thing - happens a lot on forums.
  • Ok guys, I have another opportunity! I have been busy working on an animation to go with a song, the client writes and records kids songs. I made all the characters and animated it for one of his songs. He now is interested in making a game out of this stuff we have already done (artwork) . He asked me what price it would cost for a small game to be done, I think for iOs, but mite be for other platforms. I told him I would have to ask around first, to find out what programmers would charge, then get back to him.

    I know it's difficult without knowing how the game would work etc! Basically he told me he wants a spelling game, with this scene and characters. If the kids spell correctly then they get a bonus game, like the hippo jumping across stones kind of thing. He is still in the idea phase of this, but I am trying to get him to go for it, so I need someone who is available for at least a month, and can dedicate themselves to this project.

    For now, I am looking for ideas on pricing, maybe per hour, or if you do per project?

    You can see the whole animation at

    and get a better idea of the look and feel the game would have.

  • Cool.

    Somethings that are going to need be answered though

    1) What is the purpose of the game? Does he see it as an advertising tool, a shits and giggles, massive money making machine? This goes to not only how it should end up being (in terms of mechanics and gameplay) , but also how it is going to be marketed.
    2) Time frame? This ties into 1) But how long will people need to actually make this happen?

    I know it is still in the idea phase but these considerations need to be considered now, as they'll affect everything else.

    Finally, you're talking of a months work, I assume to come up with some proto-types to pitch to the client of what could be done? Or is the intention something else?

    Good Luck!
  • ooh, nice :D would love to do SFX for that!
  • @LexAquillia, I'll try answer your questions.

    1. This game will be sold with his CD of songs he already sells, or he will sell it on iTunes as an app. He has had a huge interest from parents and kids wanting the songs made into something interactive after seeing my animation.

    2. I'm looking at a month, but if it takes longer than we can work on that, no fixed time as such.

    3. proto-types to pitch wont be needed as such. It's more of, if I get the project go ahead, then we start work on it. I have been working with him for about 6months on this whole project from initial start of the character design for his CD, so he knows me and how I work. So I would break the project up into milestones, first being basic layout and stages.

    It would be nice if I could work with someone in the CT area, so we can meet up to discuss the project.

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    Played it for my two year old - she LOVES it. Currently shouting 'again again trouble!' An interactive app for that would find an audience with me :)
  • Thanks Hanli,

    Good to know! And the kids do love singing along to it. I really must get this client to go for it!
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