Conquest (Protoype)

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Conquest (this name will probably change in the future), is meant to be a turn-based strategy, with a subtle tone of RPG. I have uploaded a very rough, early prototype if anyone would be as kind as to give it a go!

Please let me know of any bugs or annoyances, or just what you think. Thanks

Here's the DOWNLOAD:

Left click - Select unit (or deselect if nothing is clicked)
Right click - Issue command (attack, walk, or whatever makes sense at the clicked position)
ESC - deselect
F - focus/scroll through your units
alt-f4 to close

New changes:
- Unexplored terrain
- Neutral AI
- New interface for issuing commands
- Bounty hunter that gives quests
- Slaver that sells units
- Main questline


  • Played through it, obviously as you say its a really early prototype, but heres stuff I noticed anyways:
    - It reminds me of Battle for Wesnoth but maybe thats just because its a turn-based strategy game involving swords.
    - Its a little frustrating that you cannot select a unit until you have actually cleared your selection manually (via right click)
    - Theres no way to see the stats (HP/damage etc) of enemy units
    - Theres no way to move the camera yourself, only by moving units. This means that sometimes units end up off the screen or behind the stats window thing
    - You can manually end the neutral's turn sooner by quickly clicking end turn again while it is changing turns

    Also it seems that its not possible to play windowed (I presume you're forcing fullscreen when the game starts)...not the end of the world but I like windowed mode :(
  • @Dezmodos Cool thanks for the feedback! I didn't think I'd actually manage to get much yet!

    - I'll check out battle for Wesnoth when I'm not in the lab! Might get into trouble!

    - Ok thanks. I'll change this so that you can immediately select your units. I'm just wondering how would attacking work? If I assign my unit to attack an enemy, it would just select that unit. Unless maybe I add an attack ability. Would this be annoying (having to click attack first each time)? Perhaps I should remove right-click = deselect, and rather put that on a key like escape. I guess being able to immediately change your selection kind of makes deselecting less important.

    - I thought about the enemy stats. At the moment it just doesn't show because I made it so that you can't select an enemy. Though I may change this. I am considering not giving absolute stats, but rather a message to indicate the enemy's health and power. I thought of not giving all the information to your opponent. Though I may change this, or make it a particular unit's ability to be able to get exact stats. How does this sound? Or should I just stick to absolute stats for enemies too for now?

    - Sorry, you can move the camera, (with WASD - forgot to mention that important note). Though this is annoying. I'm going to add edge scrolling with the mouse very soon. It will be in the next build.

    - Thanks! I wasn't aware of this somehow. I actually thought I corrected this.

    Yeah I forced full screen mode. My 2D renderer is buggy, in that some resolutions cause tearing between the 2D tiles. But this might just be in the editor. I didn't explicitly check. Perhaps it's not necessary for me to force fullscreen!

    Thanks again! Hopefully it's a little more interesting next build!

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    I have updated the game with @D3zmodos's suggestions :) No new content though. I'll probably push out some more content over the weekend. Maybe actually turn it into a game :)

  • I've been working on the controls to try and achieve something that feels more natural. I think the current solution is much better than the old ones. I also added a few (ugly) graphical markers for selected units, and for which units are in attacking range.

    Here is the new control scheme:
    Left click - Select unit (or deselect if nothing is clicked)
    Right click - Issue command (attack, walk, or whatever makes sense at the clicked position)
    ESC - deselect
    F - focus/scroll through your units

    You can scroll by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen, or alternatively use WASD.

    There is still a lack of content, but anyone who is interested on what I am working on, please take a look and give some feedback especially on the controls. I hope they feel more intuitive this time around.

    Here is the latest download:
    (It's still uploading, but I'm sure it will be done by the time anyone tries to download it. If not, sorry!)

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    Hi guys. For anyone who is interested, there is a new version I'd like to share. Please let me know what you guys think. The end-goal at the moment is just to follow the default quests given to you, and try and complete them (though this will not explicitly finish the game). Here is the download:

    Let me know if there are bugs or annoyances. Thanks
  • I seemed to have uploaded a 64 bit version earlier. This should work now. Not sure if anyone tried to download it, but if you did and couldn't play, sorry! Here is a 32 bit version which should work for everyone!
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