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Hey all,

Just thought I'd mention that GGJ 2013 is open for entries at http://globalgamejam.org, 25-27 January 2013
You just need to sign in to your profile (or create one) and set your location to Cape Town (or Johannesburg) if you plan on attending.
I'm not sure if there is going to be a JHB leg of the event as I don't see a location listed on the site.

Hopefully we'll see a bunch of you there.

Currently registered locations in South Africa:
* Cape Town
* Johannesburg


  • http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/johannesburg-ggj

    I've run it past Dave Russell so the jam site is confirmed.
  • Yip, @Hanli is trying to organise a venue at Wits so we can stay over night; the security at Microsoft has a problem with people in the venue late at night.
  • Damn... I think it would be nice to keep it at Microsoft because of the tradition and the environment... Plus sleep is imperative for game jams so staying over at the location is not a good idea anyway.
  • http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/johannesburg-ggj

    I've run it past Dave Russell so the jam site is confirmed.
    That link gives me...

    Access denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.

    Also, there's no Johannesburg when I tried to register an account...
  • K they may not have approved it yet... It does take time
  • I have received confirmation of approval of the jam site. @Tuism try again and let me know.
  • Registered under GGJohannesburg :)
  • Am I right in reading that GGJ in Johannesburg only starts at 18:30 on Friday?
  • Yeah... Like it has for the past two years
  • We need to set up a CT event for this... Patrick from UCT has reminded me that people can sign up for CT already.
  • Looking at the list of jammers for JHB I might resign myself to Art duty; that would be fun!
  • Finally back online, I have registered!
  • Please remember to email me your names, emails and cells so that I can register you for WiFi
  • If you are going to the CT leg of the jam, don't forget to email Patrick (patrick @ cs . uct . ac . za) and let him know what your dietary requirements are and if you are making a board or digital game.
  • Regarding the CT Global Game Jam. Could it be suggested that the traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd place categories be replaced with something more like Best Overall and prizes for Best Art and Best Concept and Best Sound and Best Tech.

    The point of doing that (or something like that) would be to make it more worthwhile for artists and musicians to participate (as their recognition wouldn't be tied to their team's performance) and also to make the judging easier and make more sense... maybe?
  • Patrick is actively looking for judges for the CT leg of the jam as it stands.
  • I won't be participating this Global Game Jam. I know it's wimping out of me. And I feel badly.

    Just, Free Lives has done two game jams in a row (which was pretty shockingly badly planned on our part) and I really really need to get onto Broforce again (and no game jam for me is just the weekend, I always work on it well afterwards if I'm excited about it, which is great unless you have half a dozen other game you should be finishing).

    That being the case I've told Patrick I'm happy to help and help judge. He seems reasonably happy with the categories idea (if it can be made to work with the prizes he has organized). He does need more than one judge from what he's told me (though he may have someone else who can help).

    Also, there'll be board games judging this time and I believe Patrick organize a prize for best board game.. so there'll hopefully be a lot of board game love this year.
  • We had a great turn out at our board game jam, and some awesome results, just waiting @Besonance to write it up (he insisted), and we'll be sharing :)

    So yeah board game jamming in CT sounds like a great idea! :)

    Were the joburgers planning something for the GGJ? I know we have a group registered and members registered, but any formal plans yet?
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky: Aw :( Why not try to make a game that you can call done in the time limit? That would be a worthy thing to practice.

    @Tuism: Yeah, the registered event is where GGJ JHB is going down. I believe that's all pretty formally sorted out - rock up at Wits and jam!
  • Oh I didn't see that stuff was on the page, lemme post it in case other idiots like me exist:

    Joburg GGJ page, full details, times, venue, etc:
  • So just to make sure, it's next weekend(25th) at the Microsoft Offices right? I'm still deciding if I can make it, just want to have the logistics sorted. I know the details on the page says MSO's, just want to make sure :P
  • @Dislekcia Dammit!! Why didn't I think of that *_* Seriously, the idea of making a simple game I could finish in a weekend hadn't occurred to me.

    I'll be around at GGJ, probably, I think I'm committed to judging now. I'm not sure if judges are meant to hang around or not (in case of contamination). Maybe I'll try something abstract just for fun.

  • Except the registered site says MS offices, not Wits?
  • Yes, it's at the MS office
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky: Make a boardgame! It has to have particles, otherwise it's not a real game though.
  • Who's bringing the punch? :P
  • So um... when time does the CT GGJ actually start?
  • @LexAquillia: Good question - time to email Patrick and find out. Will let you know here when I get a reply.
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    Just a thought, for all those planning on making games for the Global Game Jam. There is going to be an AMAZE festival again this year, and also a few South African games are going to be shown off at AMAZE in Germany in April.

    AMAZE (as far as I can tell) is interested in games that feature social commentary or convey interesting concepts (or are in general kind of arty as apposed to being conventional) or are just plain creative/weird. If you're interested in that kind of thing then Global Game Jam is a fairly good opportunity to make something conceptual.

    I guess most of that is kind of obvious.
  • Start time for the CT jam venue confirmed as 5pm for registrations opening. Try to get there a little earlier if at all possible!
  • THERE WILL BE PIZZA!! (if you pay the R100 entry fee) ... seriously... I'm organising them as we speak/type

    (there is also light lunch and breakfast, but def pizza)
  • Will there be Coffee? Should I bring a kettle?
  • Coffee and pizza and I will survive!!! What tech are you guys using this year?
  • Wednesday and Thursday evenings I will prep for the Johannesburg group. Basic outline:
    *Friday start at 18h30 - feel free to mill around before then like at the meetups but I would like to start the festivities at 18h30. Close 11 PM
    *Saturday 9AM - 11PM
    *Sunday 9AM - 3PM

    We gonna demo the games from 3 til 4 PM on Sunday and do the whole friendly feedback fun. The reason we start this early because we like to encourage the jammers to start uploading at 3 so that the network traffic to the site doesn't prevent you from uploading your game on time.
  • There'll almost certainly by coffee at the CT jam, a kettle should be there afaik

    Shit is getting real :D Make sure you update all your tools and get your latest APIs. Don't forget the 360 controllers, pillows and deo.
  • Speaking of pillows, I was wondering how many people actually sleep there/stay there for the full duration? >.>

    Because for me its like a 30-40 minute drive to UCT so obviously to do that 6 times in a weekend is sub-optimal...but showers! :P
  • Some people stay the entire time and load up on energy drinks, some people go home every day and everything inbetween. I usually go home on the friday night to sleep on whatever ideas I have - then stay for saturday night and nap randomly when I get too tired to work.

    Take it as it comes :)
  • I might be an hour or 2 late for the start of JHB :(
  • I can't make it this year. (I'm already behind in the stuff I want to get done for my portfolio. Sucks when people suggest changes that rock, but result in extra work. :P)

    Best of luck, guys! :) Can't wait to play your games!
  • Busy packing up my belongings to move to a new residence. I might try and pop by on Sunday to see the final products. Best of luck to everyone.
  • JHB - auditorium 2... that is all
  • I was hoping to get my crappy work macbook bootcamped before this weekend, but alas IT at work didn't get around to it, so I'll only be able to do art duty, which really has turned my GGJ mojo off :P

    I'll be there though, see what I can do... And play some stuff, or work on boardgame :)
  • You can get the latest details on my entry here
  • I couldn't make it the the ggj but I made a (really shitty and incomplete) game anyways.

    Called it:


    I've lost the drive to work on it but I'll write up a postmortem post about it next week some time.

    Also, must give credit where credit is due!

    Airplane model:
    The website is down so I can't find the name of the author but here is the link for when it goes back up.
  • I keep timing out to be able to upload my game to GGJ but you can download it here
  • @stray_train lol for your game :) it's like a DDR on a plane? Looks to show promise, a bit frustrating cos I don't have WASD mapped out in my head, and bi-directional thinking turned into a retard (Like Rock Band with the drums and the footpedals)

    Fun :) Maybe could do with a bit more visual cue to what's happening (plane moving, shaking, people screaming or something)
  • @Tuism the original idea was to have the plane go lower everytime you missed a key (from WASD) until it crashed. Missing arrows would detract from the current patients life and make violent noises. Everytime a patient died a picture (probably of Samuel l jackson looking surprised or some other meme) would flash across the screen.

    Sound is ridiculously hard to get right, spent so much time on freeSound and ccMixter and came up with nothing even half decent. Learned quite a bit about audacity in the process though. Props to sound guys!
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