Ludum Dare 32 (April 17)

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Hey guys, we should start organising for LD 32 already :)

Can someone book out the MS office for the weekend of the 17th?

Theme: An Unconventional Weapon

South African timetable
Begin: 3:00AM Saturday, 18 April 2015
Comp Ends: 3:00AM Monday, 20 April 2015
Jam Ends: 3:00AM Tuesday, 21 April 2015
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  • Free Lives would be happy to host again (in Cape Town). We might have slightly more operable internet by then.
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  • MS emailed.
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  • It's totally like my birthday weekend that weekend. Woot :D
  • I would be very keen to come jol this time!
  • I would love to do this, but it's right near a huge deadline for us. Might have to come along and Desktop Dungeons crunch jam :P
  • Im really interested to join.

    @Tuism i check out the site but I'm not entirely sure how exactly or what exactly is going on.
    how does it work?

  • Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game jam for individuals or 72 hours for teams. It runs at the date prescribed above, and you can do it from anywhere. We in Joburg should be doing it together over the weekend at the Microsoft offices in Bryanston.

    It starts from 3am typically, saturday. But we start setting up from Friday afternoon.
  • I'm keen to do this again - the last one was a blast!
  • Any word on the venue? @Fengol any reply? Thanks you're awesome :)
  • Venue is booked, waiting to hear on services & catering
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  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky I would much like to second that, if I too may.
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    @creative630 and @Bernard . Yup! You're welcome. Just PM me if you don't know the location.

    (Same as the last Ludum Dare we hosted, we're going to try provide snacks. Also it's a residential premise as well as our office. So I don't want random walk-ins, so I'm not posting the address publically)
  • There still space to hold myself and Francois? the rest of Clockwork Acorn are possibly busy but for now, him and I are on board for another weekend of development. We come with further beer and snacks
    Yell if it would be appropriate to PM and organize further. SO STOKED FOR ANOTHER!
  • @Steamhat Yeah! You know the venue :)
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  • Sounds like a fun event. What games do you normally make? Do you submit the games afterwards for everyone to play?
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    Check out the official website. You submit your games for the whole world to play, and the whole world plays your games. The more games you play of others, the more visible your game is. It's a great system.

    There's a theme, and you're encouraged to stick to the theme, but seriously anything goes, really.
  • So what's the plan here? Are we good for Microsoft?
  • Ludum Dare this weekend!
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  • Yes, we're good at Microsoft. I'm just waiting to hear the final word about any budget.
  • Good luck to everyone participating. I'll be jamming from home, but I'll be with you in the spirit.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'll be the on-site Microsoft Intern for the Jam in JHB.

    If you are attending the Jam in JHB, please either message myself or @Fengol with your details.

    We'll need your name, surname and email address for WiFi internet access, and also your cellphone number and suburb name if you want 24 hour access to the site. WiFi details must be in by tomorrow as they have to be processed in advance.
    Those without 24 hour access will not be permitted to enter or leave the premises during the late evening to early morning.

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    It looks like quite a few rad people will be jamming at Free Lives this weekend. Thought I'd write a list in case I'm forgetting people.

    As well as a couple people from Free Lives, and a couple extras +

    As everyone knows from last time. The biggest problem with Free Lives as a venue is that our internet is weak. We have installed a MTN signal booster since then (though I'm not sure if it makes a big difference) and if anyone has 3G dongles or 3G hotspots they'd be worth bringing along.

    We do have a couple dongles here. Our internet definitely isn't going to handle 15 people browsing the internet at once. So any help in this regard is appreciated.

    Free Lives will be ordering pizzas/salads for dinners, and there will be fruit and snacks and coffee available. Apart from that, please bring your own food and drinks.
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  • Now you guys are just showing off with that list XD
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky, I'm hoping to come through for at least some the weekend. Desktop Dungeons may have other ideas though :P
  • @Tuism Totally am :) Not everyone has time for the full weekend though. And I expect some of them just plan to use the time here for the jacuzzi.

    @Squidcor It'd be rad to have you, even for a bit. The place is probably getting a bit full though (so the premium seating will probably be gone).
  • @BlackshipsFilltheSky What is the official arrival time? I remember you saying something about setting up Friday but I see that the Jam only starts on Saturday..Or maybe I am hearing voices again :/
  • I'm planning on stopping by The Mansion on Saturday. Not jamming just want to come say hello and see if the gold plated Jacuzzi's are a health risk. :P

  • And to soothe those stiff joints ey @Rigormortis
  • In terms of Ludum Dare, I still want to try to make something but I have very little time this weekend :(

    @BlackShipsFilltheSky, I hope it's fine if I pitch up to say hi on Sunday (and maybe soothe joints as @Asbestos mentioned). I won't be jamming there as I need to jump through some hoops to get my desktop there, and I don't know if non-premium seating can handle a desktop ;)
  • Would love to get involved in this again, but the weekend is filling up. Practise responsible coding, guys and girls! Or not… O_o
  • How Many people will be at Microsoft tonight, also what time do the Microsoft gates close and open if not registered to have access?
  • Not sure what time, and we're expecting about 10. COME. JUST COME. Don't be a "hmmmm maybe" BE A DOER, NOT A DON'TER :P

    on another note...

    UNITY WEB PLAYER IS OFFICIALLY NOT WORKING CHROME. Thanks Unity. What's the best alternative for us these days? Is the html5 build reliable?
  • @TjmacyB the gates will close at about 10 tonight. Please send me your details if you will be coming later than that.

    @Tuism technically it's not Unity's fault. Chrome is clamping down on security problems and think this will help. Users can re-enable it in the config, but directing them to use another browser is probably the method with the least technical friction.
  • Theme: An Unconventional Weapon
  • Can someone that knows please PM me the address of the mansion? Someone told me where it was, but I completely forgot. :P
  • I'm curious to see what you guys are busy with. Please post some pics.

    I'm busy with a little game called Lunar Combat. You battle other planets by throwing your moon at them. I should note that this inspiration comes from an anime XD


    Note: I need to work on my damn colour scheme
  • @Nuclear_Mosquito That :D What are the implementations of throwing a moon? Does it affect the gravitational pull/orbit of the other planets or is it simply a knock-back mechanic?
  • @Mexicanopiumdog There is a prototype here. (A bit older than the screenshot) It's mostly just knock back. While trying to control the game just by gravity it gets rather difficult.
  • I'm pretty much done with my Jam entry.

    Demonic MeatBall

    The Unconventional Weapon is a giant ball that the player must manipulate, to indirectly destroy the enemy.
    The premise is that it is a demonic ball of meat that consumes the enemies.
    The enemies are not entirely blind in their ambition either. There is a random element at play that will sometimes have the monsters dodge your intended attack. As the developer of this game, I find that there are times when the creatures surprise me and I find myself going up in a tight spot.

    WASD - will move the character around.
    LEFT mouse button will suck the meatball closer.
    RIGHT mouse button will blow it away.

    Web player?
    Sadly no. :(
    I did not submit a Web Player because the game performs poorly on a web build, and there is an issue with the right mouse button that doesn't work well in web without some technical tweaks...

    The stand alone works really good though....(]

    Thanks for a wonderful Jam guys. And thank you Microsoft for allowing us access to a great venue.
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  • Thanks for a rad Ludum weekend guys and thanks to Free Lives for hosting the Cape Town event, looking forward to seeing/playing the finished results from folks!
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    My entry to the compo is "Cluster Mine".

    Not the most fun game I've ever made, but I finished something so thats cool.
    The game is basically just about lasers and trying not to shrink :P

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    Looking forward to paying Cluster Mine. Also gave a rating for Demonic meatball. Can the other people who participated also please post links to your games here so that we can play them?


    Lunar Combat

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    Here's our Entry: KNIGHTS of the TURNTABLE

    I'm very please with our efforts this time round, and thanks to @Mexicanopiumdog for making awesome music and sound for us :D Also jamming around others at Freelives was great :D Thanks @BlackShipsFilltheSky and crew.
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    Welcome to Adventures in Spacetime!


    Really happy with the way this turned out. More than anything I'm happy that I managed to edit a large idea down, and kill my babies that weren't working in order to create something playable and fun. Even if the final result wasn't as impressive as my ambitions, I think I still found a fertile game play space that lends itself to emergence.

    Favourite moment was when @Elyaradine created an upwards gravity field (as per the image above) and then the boxes rained down and one them happened to press the switch on top of the tower. Thanks to @Elyaradine as well for the gun model, otherwise everything else was done by me. Also props to the new Unity 5 lighting system and prototype assets. Made it really easy to create something visually striking.

    PS so many thanks to @BlackShipsFillTheSky for hosting! Really is the greatest jam venue. Without the garden I don't think I would have had nearly as good an idea ;)
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  • Here's our entry: Quiver of Claws!


    Got a bunch of art/sound/stuff to finish implementing this week, but pretty happy with the submitted result!

    Thanks to Microsoft for the Joburg venue - and thanks to those who were at the venue, was a fun weekend!

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    What an awesome LD! Thanks to @BlackShipsFillTheSky and the Free Lives crew for the great venue. Super happy with the end result, amazing what actually sticking to a small scope lets you get done!

    Grab an unsuspecting victim and beat on them with the not-so-pointy end of your lance: Knights of the Turntable
  • Thanks again to @BlackShipsFillTheSky and the rest of Free Lives, it was awesome jamming there this weekend!

    Everyone's games look awesome. I wish I had the time to properly look at each one and give it some feedback, but that's gonna have to wait for a bit :(

    So I made something small over the weekend: Symmetric Torpedo, a submarine-on-submarine combat puzzler:

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    I'm in two minds! This was easily one of my most frustrating jams, having realised WAY TOO LATE that I'd slapped myself with a dozen really complicated (at least for me) systems that's required for the game to work at all, such that I didn't have much time to tweak gameplay or to art.

    BUT LOOK! It doesn't look bad at all :)

    LUDUM DARE LINK: (edited, can't believe I forgot to link lol)




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  • I put all of you guys on my Ludum Dare To-Play list. The games look beautifull.
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