[prototype] Inevitable

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Sorry about this massive image, #notReallySorry

Made by @pietpompies, @Nuclear_Mosquito and myself during ggj15.
our GGJ entry was a decision-focused, narrative driven Twine game. (it started as a unity based point and click until the early hours on the Sunday, when technical problems pushed us to reconsider how we were spending our energy)

Please play it and give us feedback, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55956513/playable prototypes/inevitable/Inevitable.html (this is a slightly tweaked version from the buggy ggj version)

The submitted version has some misinformation and some missing information that interrupts the game's intended player experience, right now you'd only really 'get' it if someone helps by playing a little bit of GM on the side. The delivery isn't quite complete yet, but we do actually intend on wrapping it properly and completing it, possibly even going back to unity and fleshing it out the way we actually wanted it. We'll see.

You can check out the originally submitted version here
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  • I like this game, when you play it you get a sense that there are hidden mechanics working towards your inevitable demise. Also, the game doesn't give you much guidance, which makes me feel like it doesn't really matter what I do, the world still going to end. I think you did well to invoke the feelings one might feel if they were told that the world was going to end.

    Well done :) your whiteboard at the jam looked rather intimidating.
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  • hehehe , thank you for playing and the feedback. Those are the intended reactions, did you play again and try to figure the system out?

    I should have a new playable version up today, a version that lies less
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    There is a tweaked version to play here, less buggy. This is basically the version we'd regard as the prototype for the game if we take it further.
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55956513/playable prototypes/inevitable/Inevitable.html

    And feedback please, we are honestly considering continuing the project. Not really sure if it's just precious to us in our naïveté or genuinely worthwhile yet.
  • I played your latest version. There seemed to be a few bugs, not sure if I should give specifics otherwise I might spoil it for others. Also the game ended quite abruptly and I had no idea what happened. Was that your goal? I guess it kinda makes sense if its a sudden "ending of the world".
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    Very interesting game reminds me of this text based game where you talk to a computer that lies to you so that it can keep your company, rather than face the fact that inevitable doom is on its way towards you.
    However, this game has way more options, I really like it. Only suggestion I can make that isn't 100% obvious is perhaps a clearer path between trying to escape (stay safe) and just accepting your fate and making the moment with your daughter last? However, in retrospect you probably already thought of this. All the best, looking forward to seeing more!
    Also, I feel music is just going to work very well, almost like gods will be watching did. Although that is obviously tricky if your still trying to define exactly what mood the game is in.
    Awesome art (that couch and wallpaper!) I think the attic feels a little uncanny due to the fact that it doesn't fit the texture style of the rest of the house.
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    (Full of spoilers.)

    I played the games a few times and I like it. The things that I like are the tidbits of humor (I first let Casey win and then played fair, what happened made me chuckle), mystery (where is Robin?) and the few short interactions with Casey. Against the background of the world ending they manage to be meaningful/emotional without you having to do anything artificial.

    Right now, it feels to me to have the potential of that first part of the movie Up, where a epic life journey is told in a few minutes with enough power to bring the audience to tears. I don't known exactly what is your goal with the game, something like that could be one thing to explore.

    I do think it would be a mistake to write walls of text whatever you do.

    The one part of the game I disliked was the very beginning - the news. (This is of course my opinion). I am not sure what else you can do to set the premise for the game; maybe it's simply rewriting the text a bit. (I have been thinking of how the end of the world would be announced if it every came about that way...The main problem is that I cannot think of a way that it would happen in real life that will make me believe it within the amount of time.... I guess in real-life I would be at my computer / on my phone trying to find out whether it's true).

    Edit: I just thought of something, and I'm not sure whether this is either blatantly obvious or completely irrelevant.... Once you start adding more content, it becomes harder and harder to get to any specific piece of content (especially if you have the right dependencies). So it can become a kind of puzzle for the player to work out how to get to it. It may be difficult to reveal that there is something the player is missing (and a responsibility to not give red-herrings)...adding more floors could be interesting mechanically (although not necessarily narratively).
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