The Last Galagan

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What would happen if the Galaxian defense network, optimized for stopping vast Galagan fleets, let a single Galagan yellowjacket slip through their front lines?

You are about to find out (hint: death).


This is a pet project that kept me busy over the last 2 years or so. It started as an attempt to make something vaguely like Thanatos on the ZX Spectrum and Choplifter and then evolved into what it is now, a non-Galaga-like Galaga fangame. Weird.

The mountains in the background's a randomly generated sequence of tiled mountainous sprites, tiled infinitely using a simple algorithm.

Everything else is pretty straightforward, if anyone finds any bugs please lay 'em on me.

Secret hint: your most powerful weapon is available without buying any upgrades at all.

Grab it here:
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  • Ack. I downloaded and it never ran, just sat there not responding... Am I missing some DLLs?

    P.S. I totally fucking love how you rock up every once in a while with a new epic concept to play <3
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  • Aack! I updated the exe, not using the UPX compressor this time. Care to try again?
  • PS Thanks, but I'm a bad, bad bad community member, not getting involved enough with what everyone else is doing *ashamed*
  • I really like the art of the houses, man I use to sit all day on my green ZX Spectrum, which my grandfather couriered in from Namibia.

    Flippen fantastic addictive game!!
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  • Really enjoyed it.

    As for that most powerful thing. It was cool when I worked out what you were talking about though the laser still feels superior ;)
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  • Thanks guys. Karuji, you should try it with cows but I agree the laser is generally the way to go. The game needs more baddies that need the advantages of each weapon.
  • When I noticed that cows had a better matter yield I did! it was most impressive, but it gets kinda hard to aim once they start coming up the tractor beam

    Some more enemies would definitely highlight the difference in weapon usage!

    Was thinking about different levels of terrain (mountains and ditches) but not sure how that would mix with the walking considering that walking requires a rather heavy matter investment to feel solid when all flying needs is a laser. Mayber better ammo regen when walking?
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  • @DukeOFprunes - this is cool, but on an unrelated note, did you ever develop that robot golden axe tribute thing any further. That was awesome but so short. Sorry if this seems to derail this thread. Not the intention but just had to ask.
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    dislekcia said:
    P.S. I totally fucking love how you rock up every once in a while with a new epic concept to play <3
    Seconded. This was great fun, but my favourite thing can be summed up in three words: Radioactive. Cow. Bombs.

    Make more games, Duke. :<
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  • Haha glad you guys liked it, working on more as time allows. FanieG, wow, good memory man. I stopped work on that because it was pretty asset-intensive, making more enemies & animations was a real heavy time-consumer.
  • I have only gotten to play the start of this. But it seems a really promising set of mechanics, with lovely attention to detail.

    I really love tractor beams... though as some critical feedback, it took me forever to work out how to collect the blue matter (touching it with my ship's bum didn't work).
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  • The siege drone doesn't like accepting things into its bum anymore than you do, but I think you're right that I need something to make that clearer, Chippit also mentioned naturally wanting to grab things by walking over them.
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    I should also mention that I didn't find it immediately obvious what to do with my matter or how to upgrade my drone. I think the little 'x' button hint got lost the first time I spawned, and I never noticed it on subsequent trips past there either. It was only on playing the game a second time that I remembered hearing talk of upgrades (in this thread) and I went looking.
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  • Doh. I was hoping the little Z flasher would be enough indication.

    Also, the exe was only just updated to correct a crash in the boss level for whoever's interested.
  • Yeah this is pretty amazing :D.

    My main feedback would be mirroring that of everyone's above. Make how to collect matter clearer (and also make it easier, it's really specific at the moment).

    Really super fun, though :D.
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  • Updated so you can collect matter by walking over it, hope it feels more sensible now.
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