Making it Juicy

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So as @Elyaradine showed at the JHB sessions, and posted a video on the forums I cannot find. Making a game "Juicy" can make a big difference in how a game feels. So I found a blog post by a designer of Bayonetta about how they made the game "Juicy."


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    The thread with the video is here. Although Fuzzy's the one who linked it to me first, so super kudos to him. :)

    Middle-clicked, and added to my Game Design Stuff To Read list. :D

    [edit] Aww, really wish he went into it more. Cool videos though. :)
  • Ye it's not über detailed, but I was just really shocked at the difference that it made, which is really what I wanted to show people here.
  • Wow what an awesome vid. The bayonetta vids didn't play on my iPad, will see what's up tomorrow.

    The same principles apply to just about anything, design, video, animation, everything :) its great seeing it in layers, lagging the machine out eventually :p
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