A Maze List of showcase games

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This was discussed somewhat over at the google group. But those that want to show off their game at A MAZE at the end of august need to provide Thorsten with either something playable, or some links and images or something.

It might be a good idea to post your game info here, if you are interested, so we can gather the games together for him to look over.


  • Desktop Dungeons will be there. So if any of you haven't played it yet and would like to, you can give it a go :)
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  • What would be the deadline of providing something playable? My game is still in development, so I'd like to add as much to it before then, but I'm sure I can have something playable before then.

    Actually, I think I'll upload a playable version tomorrow!
  • @denzil at the JHB meet Thorsten mentioned it is fine if things are still in development, and that it would be cool if we showed some things in early stages of development too. (I asked the same question basically). He said it isnt only about the great games that are due for release and such, but more about art, development, and "indie" gaming.
  • @edg3 ok cool, thanx. The reason I'm asking is that I currently have some compatibility issues with screens that are too big (though changing the resolution to lower could fix it sometimes). I still have to write some code to fix it (it's basically a thing with my Unity meshes. They have a maximum size, and if the screen size is too big, it tries to draw too much and it crashes :/ ). I hope to sort this out tonight though so that it is ready to be showcased.
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    FlingFu will be there! And hopefully it will be done by then ;).
    Fling Fu logo.png
    1080 x 720 - 46K
  • Looking forward to that!
  • Have the people that were at the Joburg meetup spoken to Thorsten about showing their games?

    Looking forward to playing FlingFu!
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky Is there still time to submit stuff here? I think I'll have something ready in an hour or two.
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    Here is my game: Grave Days

    *Woops, sorry for double post!
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