Why you should be skeptical of OUYA

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Source = Penny Arcade Report.

Creating a robust, stable platform to offer for-pay game downloads is a complicated undertaking, and according to the Kickstarter page work has only just begun on that aspect of the project. The specifications seem to be in place, but testing can be a long and tricky process, even with known components. There are only eight months between now and the stated ship date of March 2013. That would be an aggressive timeline if we were talking about Microsoft or Valve, much less an untested startup. I asked specifically about the ambition of this product, and my misgivings about the goal of a March launch. “We continue to march toward that date,” I was told via email. No further details were given.

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  • Ouya Release Date

    OUYA will run on Android 4.0, features it’s own unique controller with 7 buttons and a built-in touchpad, cost around $100, is open-source, hacker-friendly, all games are free-to-play in some form (whether that’s a demo or the ability to play the entire game for free and pay when you want or through microtransactions), developers will set their own prices, it features no overlording big-brother manufacturer, supports twitch.tv out-the-box, and offers the ability out-the-box for anyone to jump into the developer platform side and create their own videogames. They can then sell them in the open Android-based marketplace on the OUYA console.

    Regarding the release date, the kickstarter site says they are planning on releasing March 2013 and a limited amount of developers can pay a certain amount and get the hardware in December to start development. The release date is not unreasonable considering it's using the existing Tegra 3 as it's hardware platform. Although getting your hand on one during it's initial release will probably be a problem due to lack of units.

    This platform can be great for gamers considering the price tag on the OUYA also games will be cheaper and that could cause the unit to sell allot of units, they have already sold 60 000 units and it's 9 months before their release date.
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