3D Artist JOB Opportunity (Full time)

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We're looking to hire an exceptionally talented 3D artist for a full time modeling/texturing position specializing in 3D game assets.​

Atomedge is a Cape Town based studio that focuses on high end anatomical 3D content for use primarily by the medical community. In collaboration with the University of Cape Town we've spent the past 10 years developing complex and detailed anatomical models which are used for film, TV and game dev.

So who exactly are we looking for?

2 key attributes are essential:

ARTISTICALLY GIFTED - The ability to draw and sculpt in a realistic and convincing manner.
TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT - An in depth knowledge of the 3D work environment, and the ability to quickly learn new 3D software packages, and jump from one to another.

Key software packages:
Maya/3ds Max

Additional software of value:
Cinema 4D
After Effects
Responsibilities will include:

Key 3D:
Modeling (both zbrush sculpting and conventional polygon modeling)
Retopology (Using Zbrush, Topogun or similar software)
Texturing (Using a combination of software, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop etc.)
Lighting (basic lighting setups in various software packages).
Hair grooming in various software packages.
Rendering sequences, with basic compositing.

Additional complementary tasks:
Researching various anatomical features using medical text books, internet etc.
Photographing anatomical specimens for reference and texturing.
Adjusting and upgrading existing content. Converting 3D models into various file formats, updating compatibility with new software editions etc.
Technical Support for client queries.
Creating basic documentation for 3D models usage.
Optimizing and testing content for VR and 3D printing use.
3D Scanning

Salary Range:
R8-20k pm depending on skill/experience level.

Does this sound like your ideal job? Are you confident about your abilities as an artistic leader and technical guru?

Please get in touch by sending through the following:

1. Cover Letter explaining why you're right for this role.
2. A copy of your CV
3. Link to a portfolio/Showreel
4. Recent Photo of yourself (optional)

​​Please email: jobs@​atomedge.com

We're expecting quite a few replies and might not have time to get back to everyone. If you don't hear back from us, then you probably didn't make the cut on this occasion. We want to make sure that you value this opportunity and have read through our ​advert​ properly. So when you apply, please use the words "pick me, I love ​anatomy" in caps in the subject line so that we know you read all the details.

Some examples of our work:




Keywords: animator, animation, cg, cgi, vfx, Cape Town, South Africa, 3D, gaming, game


  • Hi there and welcome!

    According to the forum rules, job postings need to include more information than you've provided:
    - A job must be posted by the company offering the position/contract and the company must be clearly identifiable.
    - The position must be clearly stated as a game development position/contract.
    - The job post must contain a description of the skills/qualifications required, an indication of payment/budget/salary, expected timeframe for the job and a job description that clearly communicates job responsibilities.
    - The job post may not be solicitation for spec work or in the form of a competition reward.
    Can I also ask why you're requesting a "recent photo of yourself"? I don't see why that would be relevant for this position?
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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for pointing these rules out to us - we did a quick search for the forum guidelines before posting, but weren't able to easily find anything. For now I've updated the info accordingly, so hopefully all should meet the board requirements.

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    Can you please clarify a bit more:

    1. Is this for working on a game? Or is this using game-applicable skills to work on something that's very much not a game? if it's for a game, can you maybe expand a bit more on what sort of game or other details? I think more details would help a lot to entice prospective applicants :)

    2. Is this for a fixed term contractor position, or for a permanent position?

    3. Why do you want photos of applicants?
  • Hi Francois,

    Here are some responses to your questions:

    1.The content we create is used primarily as stock content for in-game assets, as well as promotional material for said games. The level of work we do in-house involves the use of an HTC Vive for testing, and the subsequent streamlining of those assets for that environment. Our clients come from various industries, and make use of the content in their own developments. These take the form of both VR, AR and interactive tablet experiences.

    2. As the title suggests, this is a full time position, which could also be referred to as a permanent position.

    3. We find that having photos of applicants assists a great deal in the screening process. I can appreciate that this may seem like an opportunity to discriminate against certain groups of people, and I can assure any interested parties that this is certainly not the case. In the past we've been impressed at how much we can gauge from a photo. For example, a gaming enthusiast might send a photo of them in cosplay outfit at Comic Con which is an encouraging sign, and helps them to stand out. On the other hand there have been one or two occasions inappropriate photos we've received acted as red flags. If applicants don't feel comfortable sending through a photo they are welcome to leave it out. If however they feel that a photo gives them a chance to show-off their personality, then we certainly appreciate it. People are after all in position to curate and select their own photos, which in it self can be very telling of their personality.
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