[SA Game Jame 2019] Adversus

-SA Game Jame 2019
-Game Name: Adversus
-Students (5 man team) (note: changed from hobbyist, we got confused)
-48 Hour



  • Progress:

    We made use of a recursive backtracking algorithm to procedurally generate a pseudo-random dynamic maze, guaranteeing one unique path from one end to the other insuring infinite replay-ability.


    -added resources to be scattered around the map used for crafting.
    -added player animation.
    -added dynamic music.

  • Looks like a crazy pac-man maze runner!! Super keen to play :P
    Also lighting is on point ;) well done
  • This looks very interesting.
    I'm doing a research paper for Uni this year based on procedural mazes and AI.
    What algorithm did you use for the maze generation, Hunt & Kill? :P
  • image
    Progress: Nice

  • We went too far...
    Thanked by 1Sassages
  • Haha looks great! Interested to see how the crafting works and affects the gameplay
  • Looks interesting and seemingly well polished! Is there a build?
  • No download?
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