[event] We Are VR meetup, Johannesburg - 30 May 2019

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This is a meetup about all things VR.

30 May 2019
TMRW Gallery, Johannesburg

"e4's theme is ART.
We'll be sharing AR and VR works made in collaboration between local artists and some of Africa's greatest creative technologists!

Join the Jozi VR community, WeAreVR, showcasing the latest in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 video. Each month we feature a number of exciting projects and the people that make them a (virtual) reality. Meet the hottest entrepreneurs, artists and engineers in Johannesburg under a single roof."

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  • I've been in chats with the people behind WeRVR and have decided to merge the VR meetups we've been having with this to form a bigger collective. There's a stable and rad venue and cool lineups so it makes perfect sense. Also I've just been back from travels so I look forward to hitting this for my first time!
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