Breen Origins - FPS shooter

A quick word about the game!
Breen Origins aims to bring a fun experience to the FPS genre. It is a back to basics, boots on the ground game, where the only thing that matters is your skill and how you choose to use it. This is a multiplayer experience where players can play game modes like Gun Race, Team deathmatch, Capture the flag or Free-For-All Modes.

Breen Origins is built with Unity and will expand throughout the Early Access period.

The gameplay trailer can be viewed using the following link.

So why another FPS game when the market is already flooded with AAA quality FPS games?
My wife enjoys playing Left 4 Dead and 7 Days to Die and it is something we normally play together. Both games are getting bit old and we wanted something "New" to play. I then decided to try make something myself she will enjoy. To get the networking under the belt, I just started with a small FPS game that then turned into a full project. With the knowledge learned from this project I can the start with her game. But with that said, this is also something that is fun and I believe have some potential.

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