Leader in microgaming based out of Pretoria looking for a skilled Database Developer

Innovative. Latest tech. Collaborative. Competitive salary

Purpose: To design and create databases, and to write and maintain stored procedures.

Key areas of responsibility:

• Determines most effective and efficient software design to meet specifications, when necessary.
• Determines appropriate software design, in conjunction with Technical Lead/Team Lead and Senior Developers, according to best practice.
• Develops software, as per company’s standards, to meet the defined specifications from the Technical Lead/Team Lead within the agreed deadline and project schedule.
• Provides Project Coordinator with accurate estimates for completion of the software.
• Updates the Project Coordinator and Technical Lead/Team Lead on an ongoing basis, with regards to the project schedule and technical aspects of the project.
• Obtains sign-off on developed software from Technical Lead/Team Lead or Senior Developer.
• Produces the required artifacts for the software (such as source files, executables, components, configuration, files, scripts etc).
• Ensures that all the produced artifacts are versioned correctly and accurately.
• Ensures that the development or maintenance performed does not compromise the quality and functionality of the software.

• Completes comprehensive and detailed documentation for the software developed, according to documentation standards and within project schedule.
• Forwards the documentation to the Technical Lead for checking and approval.
• Makes amendments to documentation when necessary.
• Produces the required analysis and design documentation for the software according to the documentation standards and within the project schedule (such as Systems Architecture document and Systems Design document etc.).

Desired qualifications and experience:

• 2-4+ years’ database development experience
• Create SQL objects using T-SQL (queries, procedures, functions, objects, tables, etc), not wizards
• Understanding of web based systems and challenges inherent in web technologies (SQL injection, etc)
• Understand of keys and constraints as well as performance optimization techniques and best practices
• Data Modelling
• Database Design – understanding the principles of database design is essential
• Understanding database administration
• Designing of indexes
• SQL code performance tuning
• Replication (adv)
• Task variety – working on several different tasks or projects
• Details Working on tasks requiring great attention to details

Interested? Send me your contact info or pop me a mail: johann912@gmail.com


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    So firstly, what is "microgaming"? Also, is the position you're advertising for working on game development? Cause the job posting and description don't mention any game specific work I can make out
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    I'd bet that "microgaming" is most likely gambling related. The kind of churn out 4000 variants of the same slot machine game in HTML or some such.

    And yeah, the posting doesn't really indicate that you'll even be working on the games themselves... Just the DB bits.

    Could be wrong though...
  • A quick google only shows that Microgaming is a company in the UK that does slots games. Other than that I don't see any actual definitions.

    What say the people?

  • Microgaming in the UK is like a parent company of sorts, to Derivco. Derivco codes the "games", and Microgaming sells them AFAIK.
  • I am not only surprised by the micro-game, but also such a great experience than the less experienced ones didn’t please you?
  • Hi Guys, Apologies for the delay. Thank you for your comments. Apologies for the confusion and yes, the type of games are online games in the online casino space. This spec is for a DB Developer. Essential skills are T-SQL and things SQL-tuning. The salaries are competitive and the culture is awesome. If you want to join a team of people who love games and like to code in a relaxed environment with flexible hours let me know.
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